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Simple configuration with IO-Link

With Murrelektronik, you no longer have to integrate each of your IO-Link devices into your IO-Link master by manual configuration. In this article, PIF spoke to Murrelektronik to learn more about IODD on Board and how this effective communication technology will simplify the configuration process with Murrelektronik IO-Link.

IODD on Board

The IODD on Board feature from Murrelektronik is an innovation that makes the integration process of IO-Link devices in the installation phase easier for you. With this feature, expect your installation process to be much simpler, with full access to data immediately, whilst avoiding complicated configuration headaches.

Instead of relying on manual configuration, IODD on Board saves all of the data you need in installation. The sensor and actuator parameters are instantly accessible and the GSDML-data is directly embedded on IO-Link masters, like the MVK Metal and Impact67. As soon as the connection is made between devices, instant access to all your saved data is granted.

Advantages of IODD on Board

One of the advantages of IODD on Board is that you can easily integrate Murrelektronik IO-Link devices into your installation. Autoconfiguration also allows your Digital I/Os to have their channels pre-set at the control, which saves time at start-up. Not only does the IODD on Board boast fast integration, but it also promises short commissioning times and is flexible to your application and IO devices.

If you are configuring multiple systems, IODD on Board has you covered. Essentially, IO-Link speeds up the process of configuration through using copy and paste. If you are a serial machine builder, for example, you can easily save pre-existing data onto multiple systems, saving an abundance of time.

Validation of your systems is far more straightforward with IODD on Board. Where previously the parameterization of the IO-Link devices had to be done at the start-up of the machine, the new IO-Link developments allow this to take place in the office. This is due to the sensor and actuator parameters being conveniently saved with IODD on Board.

IO-Link advantages – Efficient communication technology

IO-Link is built with industrial applications in mind. There are many IO-Link advantages for both machine operator and manufacturer, and the developments within IO-Link focus on providing you with as much information as possible.

As a machine manufacturer, IO-Link provides you with plenty of options. Whether you require a binary signal or analogue values, IO-Link functions with both. Change your parameters offline or online, whatever is more convenient for your installation. Data is stored in the control and in the master for full visibility and accessibility, and all data can be copied easily. Wiring is simple, even for the most complex devices, with 3-wire or 5-wire unshielded with standard cable.

For machine operators, a major advantage of IO-Link is that it provides you with simple diagnostics and data evaluation. Easily exchange your devices with IO-Link or just adjust your machine parameters during operation. Each aspect of IO-Link is designed to make your experience as simple and adaptable as possible.

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For efficient communication, Murrelektronik IO-Link is the intelligent network that simplifies your installation process. For more information about IO-Link and the IODD on board developments, contact Murrelektronik today.

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