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Significantly reduce maintenance and down-time with innovative on-site shaft seal replacement technology

Where plant and equipment is located in hostile or remote locations or is critical to operations, reducing the cost and time involved in maintenance is essential.

The Walkersele® OSJ-2 on-site seal joining drastically cuts down the costs of  downtime and maintenance man-hours by reducing the need for equipment strip-down and disassembly.

 On-site seal joining

This innovative technique means that after a few hours’ hands-on training and technical support, a maintenance engineer is able to produce a securely bonded join that provides a shaft or blade root seal with the integrity of a fully moulded endless seal.

Using Walkersele OSJ-2, where the seal housing is easily accessible, a main shaft seal can be replaced with no reduction in sealing integrity over the original endless seal installed at manufacture. If accessibility to the seal housing is difficult and the OSJ-2 technique cannot be utilised, then James Walker has the capability, through years of sealing joining experience, to provide customised on shaft and off shaft arrangements to ensure the best possible seal join with the integrity of an endless seal.

The many benefits of Walkersele® OSJ include:

  • High performance - installed units provide the sealing performance of high-integrity endless Walkerseles.
  • Wordwide proven - on marine propulsion systems, gearboxes, power stations, sugar refineries, etc...
  • Cost effective maintenance - the performance and integrity of an endless-type seal is achieved without major plant strip-down and without exspensive on-site vulcanising.

OEMs can therefore specify Walkersele® products safe in the knowledge that replacement seals fitted in the field will still meet original specifications, providing the necessary protection for key components and ensuring long-term, trouble-free operation.

Click here to read more information about the Walkersele OSJ-2, or contact James Walker directly.

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