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Sensor solutions for the beverage and brewing industry

Manufacturing within the beverage and brewing industry requires high levels of attention to detail, whilst also ensuring strict compliance with health and hygiene standards. The Baumer range of process sensors assists manufacturers within this sector to satisfy these standards. PIF spoke to Baumer UK to learn more about how their range of transmitters, sensors and measuring equipment work to enable the beverage and brewing industry to achieve incredible results, time after time.

Baumer sensors - Delivering excellence to the brewing industry

Jon Sumner from Baumer UK explains that “process sensors enable the automation of process technology with transmitters, sensors and measuring equipment. This enables manufacturers to assess the parameters of pressure, temperature, fill level, flow, and conductivity of gaseous, liquid, paste-like or granular media”. Therefore, this makes the Baumer range of process sensors an ideal addition to the beverage and brewing industry - enabling users to automate manufacturing processes whilst also assessing a range of media parameters for consistency and quality.

The Baumer range of process sensors include:

  • Level measurement - The Baumer level measurement sensors deliver easy implementation and flexible configuration, with a choice of technologies. Browse the Baumer range of level measurement sensors
  • Pressure measurement - This range of Baumer sensors includes pressure sensors, pressure transmitters and pressure switches that enable relative pressure, absolute pressure, and vacuum measurement. View the Baumer pressure measurement range
  • Temperature measurement - The range of Baumer temperature measurement sensors includes a wide range of measuring technologies and Pt100 classes, with various process connections, adaptors and accessories to suit almost every application
  • Flow measurement - Baumer’s flow measurement sensors are well suited to the brewing and beverage industry due to their suitability for use with aqueous media in closed systems, whilst also being manufactured to suit flow measurement applications in hygienic and industrial settings
  • Conductivity measurement - The Baumer CombiLyz range of conductivity measurement sensors feature a large touch screen with a variable display for ease of use. This ranges hygienic and durable one-piece design makes them a suitable choice to the beverage and brewing industry, whilst their short response time and fast temperature compensation enable the Baumer conductivity measurement, CombiLyz sensor, to deliver resource-saving manufacturing processes.

Precise analysis of brewing and beverage manufacturing with conductivity measurement

Baumer UK promotes the CombiLyz conductivity measurement sensor range for use within the beverage and brewing industry. This range delivers precise analysis and exact differentiation of fluid media, whilst enabling short response times and fast temperature compensation. The CombiLyz hygienic and durable one-piece design makes it the ideal solution for brewing and beverage production applications; satisfying food safety requirements whilst delivering a long life span.

Why choose a CombiLyz conductivity sensor for brewing and beverage applications

The CombiLyz conductivity sensor range boasts the following features and benefits to the beverage production industry;

  • Fast and easy sensor configuration and safe process monitoring with a multi-colour traffic light system
  • Low resources consumption that quickly and reliably detects different media even during temperature fluctuations
  • Outstandingly short reaction time that leads to an increase in productivity
  • Digital sensor data enables quick detection of changes and decision making
  • Fast and easy commissioning with IO-Link, to reduce downtime
  • Easy change of formats and parameter profiles with automated parameterisation during the running production.

What applications can the CombiLyz conductivity sensor assist?

The CombiLyz conductivity sensor is ideal for the monitoring of Clean In-Place processes. The integration of a CombiLyz sensor delivers full food safety with maximum overall equipment effectiveness, as precise cleaning processes are controlled through the use of sensors. Not only does the CombiLyz range improve food safety and hygiene for beverage and brewing processes, but it can work to reduce CIP costs with efficient resource use and higher levels of productivity. Calculate how much you can save with the Baumer Save Resources Calculator.

The CombiLyz sensor range is also well suited to measuring the dosage of cleaning concentrate to ensure safe and effective cleaning processes multiple times a day; whilst also measuring the rinse water phase, and the separation of cleaning media and water during the Clean-in-Place process.

Find out how much you can save with a Baumer CombiLyz conductivity sensor by speaking to one of the experts at Baumer. Call on +44 (0)1793 783 839 or email [email protected] to speak to a member of the team about their range of process sensors and their suitability for the brewing and beverage production process.

Company Profile

Find out how Baumer IO-Link solutions are driving OEE efficiencies

The Baumer Group is leading at international level in the development and production of sensors, shaft encoders, measuring instruments as well as components for automatic image processing.

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