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Save resources with smart sensors

Process Industry Forum spoke to Andrew Moran from Baumer UK to learn more about the Baumer ‘Save Resources’ calculator. This tool aims to highlight your savings potential during phase separation of the CIP cleaning process by saving up to 30,000 litres per day, equating to up to 1 million litres of media every single year.

How can you effectively save resources?

Andrew Moran from Baumer UK suggests that to improve and ensure food safety within the manufacturing process, these systems should be cleaned several times per day.

“During phase separation in the CIP process, every second counts to ensure saving of valuable resources”, explains John Sumner. He goes on to explain that “the different liquids such as water, lye, and acid cost money, burden the environment, and should, therefore, be used as sparingly as possible”.

Every second counts

Baumer UK stock and supply the CombiLyz AFI conductivity sensor, which allows for precise analysis and exact differentiation of fluid media. Based on these highly measured results, the PLC controls a precise phase separation of the media.

Andrew explains, “with the help of a conductivity sensor, you can determine which medium is involved in the cleaning cycle at any given time”. The CombiLyz AFI sensor measures the electrical conductivity of an application very precisely and uses this as the basis to understand the type of medium in use, for example, milk, water, acid, or lye.

“In addition to this, CombiLyz AFI informs the operator of the precision of the process, and the response time”, states Andrew Moran of Baumer UK. He goes on to say “this allows us to understand and detect the flow of liquid to allow the controller to react quickly and adjust temperatures, ultimately saving energy”.

Are you looking for speed and efficiency?

Baumer UK suggests the CombiLyz AFI conductivity sensor to increase speed and efficiency throughout your industrial applications.

“Thanks to a shorter reaction time within the temperature compensation, the control can react faster and separate the individual phases by actuating valves” explains Andrew Moran from Baumer UK.

Andrew goes onto explain that “this is especially important as a change in temperature also changes the conductivity of a medium such as milk, water, acid, or lye”.

This is why the CombiLyz AFI sensor not only measures the conductivity of a medium but also the temperature to compensate for any differences that will impact the measurement results. This leads to faster cleaning cycles and therefore will provide more time for the original purpose of these systems – filling of liquids.

CombiLyz AFI - Your solution to more efficient cleaning processes

CombiLyz AFI provides precise and rapid differentiation of media during phase separation of the CIP cleaning process with fast-reacting, hygienic, and robust conductivity.

The CombiLyz AFI sensor tip is made of PEEK plastic with a one-piece plastic design. This tip contains inductive sensor elements for measuring the electric conductivity and a fast-reacting temperature sensor with a low thermal mass and a low thermal transition resistance, to allow the sensor to react very quickly to large temperature fluctuations.

What are the advantages of the CombiLyz AFI sensor?

  • Reduced chemical wastage with precise phase separation due to fast temperature compensation
  • Long life cycle with a robust sensor tip – IP67 and IP69K housing that is resistant up to temperatures of 143°C
  • The CombiLyz AFI sensor is easy to set up for swifter implementation
  • Transmit digital data without loss, for simultaneous output of conductivity and concentration valves and increased measuring speed by combining sensor data
  • Easy to read data thanks to a large display, with a 360° rotatable form.

CombiLyz AFI reduces the reaction time of your processes, which in turn reduces costs and increases efficiency. Use the Baumer UK CIP savings calculator to find out what you can save.

Industry Expert

Andrew Moran

Having worked at Baumer since 2008 and now being the UK Product Marketing Manager, I have developed expertise and experience in the world of Process Sensors.

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