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RMI Pressure Systems’ pump design and selection tips

High-pressure pump manufacturer, RMI Pressure Systems, appreciate the demands of high pressure pumping applications better than anyone. Which is why we quizzed Mike Sherman, Marketing Manager, for his top pump design and selection tips.

Working closely with industry experts, RMI has a reputation for supplying some of the most reliable high pressure pumping systems available. With systems being used in safety critical functions it is essential that the reliability is beyond question; requiring months of continuous testing before being accepted for operational duty.

Pump design and selection

It is precisely that sort of rigour and thoroughness that should also be applied to your own pump design and selection process, as the following top tips illustrate.

Consider safety relief valves and sealing

“It is important that the pump design incorporates the necessary safety features,” explains Mike. “Including a safety relief valve to protect against a dead head situation, when the system demand for flow has stopped, causing the pressure to rise instantly.

The safety valve should be designed to allow the entire pump capacity to flow, while the opening point should be set at 10% above the operating pressure. In addition, the pipework associated with the safety relief valve should be properly sized to ensure adequate flow conditions

RMI includes a number of safety circuits to prevent a potential dead head condition, including a pump safety relief valve, which protects the pump against a potential hydraulic lock. “In addition, there are oil temperature and pressure sensing circuits as well as motor overload monitoring all of which can indicate a potential issue with the system and allow the pump to be stopped prior to any potential damage being caused,” continues Mike.

A pump’s sealing system is equally important when considering its safety as well as overall performance and reliability. “For high pressure reciprocating pumps the task is typically performed by the stuffing box, which contains packing and lubricant in various configurations depending on the application. This packing is a service item and should be able to be replaced without too much interference with the main pump assembly,” he adds.

Strive for ultimate efficiency

Having considered safety and reliability, efficiency will be next on the list of priorities for many operators. “Here, reciprocating pumps offer additional benefits as the design offers greater mechanical efficiency, which means that a smaller prime mover can be used and less energy is consumed,” says Mike. “By carefully selecting the correct motor and matching it to the pumping system, a more efficient combination can be created, resulting in lower total cost of ownership (TCO) for the client.”

Further efficiency benefits offered by RMI’s design can include the stored energy offloading system. “This reduces energy consumption by allowing the pump to idle in a pressurised standby condition, while still being able to quickly and efficiently return to full service when required,” continues Mike. “This alternative to complex by-pass, drain or accumulator systems allows the pump to run, without generating further pressure, while allowing system flow and pressure to be maintained when required.”

Tap into On Demand Intelligence (ODIN)

RMI has a policy of continuous development of energy efficient products, which has led to the introduction of the ODIN (On Demand Intelligence) control system. “This system uses a range of data supplied from equipment used in the process of continuous longwall mining and uses it to calculate the changes in demand for hydraulic fluid before they occur. In this way ODIN can modulate the pump speed and change the flow and pressure characteristics to meet demand in the most responsive way possible,” concludes Mike.

High pressure pumps are required to deliver results in some of the most demanding environments. From underground mining to testing subsea umbilical systems on oil & gas platforms, the technical criteria and engineering standards can be hard to achieve but RMI continues to deliver reliability and premium quality to these and many other industries.

Find out more about RMI Pressure Systems here.

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