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Reduce valve closure time by using ASCO Numatics high flow filter regulators

The correct deployment of filter regulators can often be of critical importance in determining the time required to open or close a valve. The constraining factor can occasionally be the flow rate of air through the filter regulator unit.  If the filter regulator is unable to pass enough air, the speed of the operation can become unacceptable. This is of particular importance in Emergency Shut-Down (ESD) applications where the response time of the valve can be critical to the process. In these applications, it is important to install high flow filter regulators.

The answer to this problem can sometimes be solved by installing an air booster, but this has the disadvantages of increasing the overall cost, increasing the number of potential leak points in the pneumatic circuit and adding another potential failure point.

ASCO High Flow Filter Regulators

High flow filter regulators

In a recent application, Ascendant Technologies, a UK valve automation company serving the Oil & Gas sector, was faced with the challenge of improving the closure time of shut down valves for a client organisation. As part of their search for the most desirable solution, they tested a number of filter regulators from various different suppliers, to try to find the optimum solution and the fastest valve closing time.

The consequent result was that the ASCO Numatics 342 series device outperformed its rivals and was found to significantly reduce the valve closing time.

This series of filter regulators have a large flow rate and incorporate moulded reinforced diaphragms, which enables flow rates up to 4430 litres/min. Performance tests concluded that the ASCO regulator reduced the valve closure time from 11.7 to 7 seconds. This was a significant improvement over competitor products.

The Series 342 filter regulator is suitable for ambient temperatures from -40°C up to +80°C (-50°C is available as an option) and can be used for compressed air and gases. It also lends itself to be applied in many different industry sectors and applications including chemical, petrochemical, oil & gas, refinery, power generation, pulp & paper and process plants.

Do you have a problem the speed of operation pneumatic valves, could the cause be filter regulators restricting air flow to your valve actuators?

Would this filter regulator solution improve your process? Let us know in the comments section below or by speaking to one of our experts in the Solution Centre.

Company Profile

ASCO Numatics

ASCO Numatics offers comprehensive fluid automation solutions for a wide range of industry-focused applications. When combined with our deep process expertise, these solutions provide lower cost of ownership, greater asset availability, and improved productivity.

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