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How to reduce pipe connections & leak paths using a modular valve body

In most processes across the industry, valves and sensors are joined by means of piping components that are connected using threaded, flanged, adhesive or welded connections.

The problem with this conventional connecting technology is as follows:

  • Extensive space requirements for piping.
  • High number of potential leak paths.
  • High installation and maintenance costs.
  • Results in complex piping designs.

Fluid connections for valves & sensors

Fluid connections for valves and sensors are constantly providing a challenge for system designers and maintenance engineers. What about if we told you that engineers can now implement a piping system that is as simple as possible? One that is quick to install, free of leaks and requires minimal installation space?

Modular Valve body for reduced pipe connections

Burkert_Modular valve head for reduced leak paths
A new product innovation by Bürkert – the INOX Modular valve body, provides the ultimate solution to the fluid connection challenge described above. The modular valve body eliminates the need for conventional pipeline connections between single valves and sensors. The fluid connections are established by direct joining of the valve bodies.

What does this mean for engineers?

It means complex multi-layered and multi-port flow paths can be established using a simple construct modular valve body arrangement and conventional valve heads.

Burkert_Valve head eliminates pipe joins and bends

Application benefits of the INOX modular valve body:

  • Significantly fewer requirements to bend & cut pipes during installation.
  • Fewer screwed connections.
  • Fewer 90° elbow or T-joints used.
  • Significantly reduced leak paths.
  • Greater reliability in applications, especially those with alternating temperatures.
  • Significantly reduced space requirements.
  • Simplification of complex piping systems.

The INOX Modular Valve body - DN10 version

The DN10 version is compatible with Bürkert’s INOX 2000 series stainless steel bodied valve actuator heads. The valve body simply bolts on to the valve head to form a block with seals and short connections rings, compressed together to form a high integrity seal.

The INOX Modular Valve body – DN20 version

Burkert_INOX modular valve head - DN20 version

The DN20 version is compatible with Bürkert’s ELEMENT valve series and therefore offers a huge range of options. The valve body offers a four-way cross-flow arrangement and can be supplied pre-welded in multiple arrangements. The valve actuator orifices are spaced slightly wider to accommodate the larger ELEMENT actuator heads.

WATCH: The INOX valve for customised valve block solutions

Watch this video on the INOX valves series to learn how the Bürkert INOX valves can very quickly be turned customised valve block solutions, which due to the reduced leakpaths are highly suited to hygienic and chemical applications.

Follow the link to learn more about the INOX Modular Valve series.

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