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Reduce capital investment and save costs with AUMA SIPOS 5 electric actuator with ECA investment approval

As part of the government’s climate change initiatives, the Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) Scheme was introduced in 2001. This is now seen as a very important part of the Government’s programme and contribution to the proactive management of climate change, as it encourages businesses that are making capital investments to use a range of energy- approved products.

The scheme offers enhanced tax relief opportunities for investments in approved high energy saving products that can be shown to meet published energy-saving criteria. There are several different technology categories included on the ECA scheme and the product eligibility criteria is reviewed each year and updated to reflect technological and market developments.

The programme is targeted at plant and machinery which is widely used by business, but where the use of more efficient plant and machinery needs to be encouraged. The programme offers UK based businesses the chance to have a 100% of first year capital allowance, on the investment in the ETL approved equipment, to be written off against the taxable profits of the period in which the investment is made, thereby benefiting business’ cash flow and saving cost.

By getting their products appoved and listed on the ETL (Energy Technology List) manufacturers ensure that end users can enjoy the full tax benefits offered under the ECA scheme.

SIPOS 5 Linear control Actuator

Cost Savings Through Tax Incentives

The SIPOS 5 electric actuator, supplied exclusively in the UK by AUMA UK Ltd., is now included in the Energy Technology List as part of the ECA scheme. This is the first and only electric actuator to achieve such approval. This means that if you are designing or implementing an installation in the UK where you require multi-turn actuators, rotary actuators, linear actuators or part-turn actuators, then the SIPOS 5 range will offer significant cost savings due to the taxation breaks now available. This will make the SIPOS 5 product range the most price competitive product of its type on the market.

AUMA UK Ltd. supplies AUMA and SIPOS modular electric actuators and also provides full lifetime support for these products including   Siemens legacy actuators. The SIPOS 5 Flash actuator range provides accurate control over valve open and closure rates through software configurable speed control. The advanced product design and intelligent software control also avoids the need to use mechanical limit and torque switches, thereby reducing installation & maintenance costs and enhancing reliability.

To read about how the SIPOS actuator achieved linear flow control and emergency valve shut off in a pumping application, click here. Search the Energy Technology Product List for AUMA Actuators.

If you are currently in need of intelligent and highly accurate valve control then AUMA may have the perfect solution for you. AUMA are experts in actuation in both potable and wastewater applications.

To ask AUMA a technical question in our Solution Centre, click here. Alternatively, to learn more about AUMA , visit their PIF Profile.

Company Profile

AUMA Actuators Ltd

AUMA Actuators are World Leaders in solutions for motion control. AUMA’s range of Electric Actuators can be found operating gate, globe, ball and butterfly valves in plants worldwide.

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