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Pump Genius Pump software for multiple pump control and system protection

WEG are leaders in high-efficiency electric motor solutions and VSD solutions for pumping systems. WEG recognise the future of pumping systems lies in high efficiency, performance and reliability - which is why WEG were exhibiting their range of motor solutions & VSD systems at the Pump Centre Conference, where the theme of the show was ‘The Future of Fit For Purpose Pumping’.

In this video interview, Chris Hall discusses WEG’s focus on pumping system efficiency and explains how their products comply with EU efficiency legislation to ensure a more efficient pumping future.

Watch this video on WEG’s high efficiency electric motor solutions

Pump software for multiple pump control and protection

Pump Genius process control software is designed to reduce system operation and maintenance costs while increasing process accuracy and protection. The software provides multiple pump control and protection, as well as system monitoring and protection. Pump Genius can be applied to any system that requires constant flow or pressure.

WEG_Pump genius

Benefits of Pump Genius pump software

  • Reduced System Component Cost
  • Improved System Reliability
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs
  • Eliminate Costly Control Panels
  • Reduce System Energy Requirements
  • Reduce Overall Installation Cost

Pump Genius is unlike any other pumping software solution on the market.
Pump Genius software monitors the operating hours of all the pumps in the system, adding and subtracting pumps as demand changes, all without the need for setting a cycle timer. This feature ensures equal pump run times without supervision.

Innovative features of the Pump Genius pumping software

Another key feature of Pump Genius software is the ability to have a floating master and slave rather than the traditional system of fixed master and slave pumps. Pump Genius automatically senses if the master is not responding due to sensor loss or other fault condition and assigns another pump to become the master, maintaining operational continuity at all times during the process. The transition between master drives is done in a totally bump less manner without disturbing the process.

Company Profile


WEG is an industry headquartered in Jaraguá do Sul, Brazil, operating worldwide in the electric engineering, power and automation technology areas. The company produces electric motors, generators, transformers, drives and coatings

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