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Proportional spool valve delivers high accuracy for high-speed, high-volume carton filling system

In high-speed and high-volume applications, such as bottling, packaging, printing or filling, you need a proportional valve, which not only has high-accuracy and high response rates, but also has a high flow rate to cope with distances between valves and actuators. 

Carton filling application

The VP50S Proportional Valve utilises innovative glandless spool technology to deliver high flow rates up to 1200 litres/min and response times as fast of 1-10Bar in under 80 milliseconds.

Read on to understand how the VP50S was the proportional valve of choice for a high-speed, high-volume carton filling process.

The Application Challenges:

The manufacturer was searching for a high-accuracy proportional valve which was capable of responding to signal changes in under 100 milliseconds in order to control the tension of the rollers closing the carton around the filling tube.

Other requirements included high flow rates to cope with the volumes between the valves and the actuators and instant visual feedback of input signal and output pressures of the valve.

The Solution:

The solution came in the form of the VP50S proportional spool valve which delivered the following application benefits to the carton filling application:

Proportional spool valve

High accuracy and high stability proportional control

The VP50S proportional valve utilises closed-loop control to provide accuracy better than 1% whilst flowing at 1200 litres/min. An electronic transducer and PID control circuit continually monitor the valve’s output pressure and adjust it depending on the input signal given. This technology allows for increased precision and accuracy of control over the carton filling system.

High flow capabilities and Fast response times

Floating glandless spool technology using a Teflon coated aluminium spool means low friction and rapid movement when moved by the pilot pressure.

The VP50S spool valve can flow up to 1200 litres/min and has a response time of under 80 milliseconds. These performance characteristics easily exceeded the customer’s original requirements.

Real-time backlit display screen

The VP50S has a backlit LCD screen which offers real-time information to service engineers. The screen displays the input signal given to the unit as well as the live pressure, which an onboard transducer measures. This allows service engineers to easily check the input signal and output pressure of the valve at any time. Therefore, the proportional valve contributes to increased process efficiency and productivity.

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