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Durable, precise and optimally adapted pressure measurement for every application from Baumer

Precise pressure measurement is vital to enable your team to understand the amount of physical pressure that is being exerted onto a sensor within a variety of manufacturing environments. Take food manufacturing, for example. Precise pressure measurement ensures that your team consistently deliver the correct weight and quantity of a given product; reducing wastage and delivering quality control, while also maintaining a safe and efficient processing system.

In this article, PIF spoke to sensor measurement device specialists, Baumer UK to understand their range of pressure measurement sensors, and how these can work for your application.

What is the functionality of Pressure Measurement Sensors?

Pressure measurement sensors enable customised solutions for almost any tank or pipeline in pressure transmitters to deliver absolutely precise and reliable results. In order to select the correct pressure sensor for your application, you must consider the installation conditions; either flush or non-flush and the application requirements; either hygienic or industrial, in combination with media properties.

What are the applications of Pressure Measurement Sensors?

Baumer explains that their range of specialist pressure measurement sensors is suitable for a range of applications, delivering a number of benefits to suit each application type. The Baumer range of pressure measurement sensors is recommended for the use in the process of measurement and control technology, to monitor system pressure within liquid and gas applications. This enables your team to monitor for leakage and a loss of pressure throughout the manufacturing process.

Pressure measurement control can also be used for pump regulation, within manufacturing and offshore applications; or vacuum control in de-aerators. Baumer UK also recommends their range of pressure measurement sensors for the indirect measurement of process-relevant metrics, such as; density, level, flow or steam temperature.

Benefits of Pressure Measurement Sensors

There are many benefits of using a pressure measurement sensor within your industrial application. These include:

● Increased productivity and cost savings as a result of highly accurate pressure measurements, that deliver excellent reproducibility.
● Easy implementation with little effort from a wide range of process connections.
● Can be designed to a number of specialised product variants for hygienic, industrial and railway applications.
● Process safety with pressure measurement sensors manufactured from certified, hygienic, robust, and abrasion-resistant design.
● High temperature capable pressure sensors maintain their accuracy in demanding applications that require the precise measurement of hot fluids and gasses: Clean-In-Place (CIP) or Sterilise-In-Place (SIP) applications, for example.

Pressure Sensors from Baumer UK

PIF spoke with Baumer UK to understand their full range of pressure sensors, and how these work alongside conductivity sensors to deliver incredible data insights; for smarter decision making and more efficient processes. Here is a look at some of the pressure sensors Baumer UK manufactures:

Hygienic pressure sensors - these deliver fast, and highly-precise pressure measurement in a hygienic design that is fully FDA compliant. This range features fully hygienic connections, in an intuitive design with easy process implementation. Baumer UK also produces a range of autoclave pressure sensors that deliver stable pressure measurement, in pressure measuring ranges from -1...0 bar to 0...40 bar.
● Autoclavable pressure sensors - Baumer deliver high-precision and stable pressure measurement, with safety built-in thanks to its hygienic design. These devices feature pressure measuring ranges from -1 … 0 bar up to 0 … 40 bar.
● Pressure sensors for industrial applications - these devices are suited to gas, fluid and hydraulic applications, delivering robust and durable use even under extreme conditions. Whilst, the railway-certified pressure sensor range delivers absolute safety thanks to the EN 50155 certification. With easy process implementation, and connections designed to suit all standard industrial connections, the industrial application pressure sensors from Baumer are perfect for a range of complex and harsh environments. This range of sensors is suitable for pressure measuring ranges from -1 … 0 bar up to 0 … 1600 bar.
● Pressure sensors with flush membranes - This range is well-suited for fast and highly accurate pressure measurement, for pasty, crystallizing or solid-containing media. The design of this pressure measurement sensor is easy to clean and is capable of pressure measuring ranges from -1 … 0 bar up to 0 … 400 bar.
● Railway-certified pressure sensors, with safety measures built-in thanks to EN 50155 certification to deliver assured long-term product availability. This range delivers profound expertise in railway applications, with pressure measuring ranges from -1 … 40 bar up to 0 … 250 bar.

Across the range, there is a Baumer UK pressure sensor to suit every industrial application. Speak to the expert sensor and instrumentation team at Baumer to find out more about which pressure sensor suits your application. Call today on +44 (0)1793 783 839 or email [email protected].

Company Profile

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The Baumer Group is leading at international level in the development and production of sensors, shaft encoders, measuring instruments as well as components for automatic image processing.

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