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When to Pick a Piston Valve Over a Solenoid Valve?

Does your application require something a little more aggressive than a Solenoid Valve?

If you are experiencing trouble with a solenoid valve, such as leakage or premature failure of the valve, then why not look into what benefits would be offered by using an Air Operated Angle Seat Piston Valve instead? The Asco E290 range is a popular alternative to general purpose solenoid valves when an application calls for a more sophisticated solution.

ASCO E290 range

For example, if you are having problems with aggressive fluids such as high temperature steam up to 180°C, then a piston valve will suit the application due to its flat sealing mechanism.

Some of the main advantages to using a piston valve are as follows:

  • Reliability through quality of construction
  • Operation ensures water hammer will be avoided
  • High flow rate due to design of body and seat
  • Total sealing internally and externally
  • Has numerous piloting options using air or water 1.5-10Bar
  • Choice of materials, bronze or stainless steel

Some of you might be thinking that a solenoid valve is more versatile in operation than a piston valve, but the piston valve is also available in a normally closed or normally open function, can be ordered with a proportional control unit, and some are even available as a three-way valve.

If you have more questions, why not ask one of our certified technical experts in the solution centre? We have ASCO Numatics technicians on hand and ready for your questions. 

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