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Parker PSD Servo Drives combine safety with fieldbus compatibility

Motion and control technology giant Parker Hannifin has released a new series of servo drives for central control applications. Parker’s PSD series of servo drives combine an integrated safety system with fast, flexible Ethernet communications. PIF explores the merits of this next generation of Parker servo drive solutions.

Parker PSD servo drives are designed for use in central control applications. All components utilise an Ethernet-based fieldbus system for fast and flexible communications with the controller via popular fieldbuses, currently in use in industry, such as EtherCAT, Ethernet IP and PROFINET.

Due to its flexibility, the new system can be used in a wide range of applications, including highly dynamic packing and production machinery.

Parker servo drives provide ‘complete integrated safety system’

Accident prevention is one of the key demands of the European Machinery Directive and, with its PAC320 motion controller used in combination with the new PSD drives, Parker offers a complete integrated safety system.

Based on the Functional Safety over EtherCAT (FSoE) protocol, safety technology is central to the design of the new drives. No additional wiring is necessary as Parker utilises the integrated EtherCAT communication capabilities.

The powerful, fully programmable Parker Safety PLC is integrated as an expansion module into the EtherCAT network. As an FsoE master, it can address all safety components via the network, such as safety inputs and outputs, as well as the PSD drive controllers with integrated safety technology.

External components can be connected directly to the safe I/O-Modules. This can be to activate features, such as light curtains, emergency buttons and safety shut-off mats. The PLC coordinates all safety functionality from a central point, making system programming easier for the design engineer.

Central programming and data storage

Individual functions – including safe standstill SS1 or SS2, safely limited speed SLS or safely limited position SLP – are executed on the safety board of the PSD drive. Parker's safety control covers the requirements per IEC 61508 SIL3 and DIN EN ISO 13849 PLe.

The complete system, comprising PAC Motion controller, Safety PLC, Safe I/Os and PSD-Drives with integrated safety can be centrally programmed with the help of the IEC6-1131 programming languages. All project information is stored in a single archive, including standard and safe applications, as well as all configuration information for the drives.

A multi-axis version of the PSD drive with central mains module is also available. This further multi-axis version allows for an additional one, two or three-axes modules to be connected. Power supply-modules and axis modules are linked via the shared DC-Bus to increase the energy efficiency of the system.

Parker servo drives provide space-saving solution

The compact design of the Parker PSD servo drive series minimises the amount of space required in the control cabinet. In smaller systems, for example labelling machines, Parker also offers a single-axis stand-alone version with the same functions but in the lower output range.

When designing the PSD series, focus was given to ease-of-use; demonstrated through ‘fast wiring’, user-friendly operation and simple exchange. A one cable solution for the standard feedback system means that the need for a feedback cable for the motor is negated. This can lead to considerable savings in cabling and installation costs.

For more information about PSD servo drives, or any other products from Parker, visit www.parker.com.

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