» Articles » Numatics G3 Series valve island electronics platform saves costs and increases flexibility at major European Food Company

Numatics G3 Series valve island electronics platform saves costs and increases flexibility at major European Food Company

The Numatics G3 Series product line is an easy, cost-effective and modular solution for digital I/O and valve automation.

Numatics G3 Valve Island

The G3 valve island electronics platform is made up of electronic modules which all plug together via mechanical clips. This means that not only is the G3 extremely easy to assemble, it is also offers significant flexibility when designing new applications and can be easily incorporated into existing applications.

G3 Series electronics platform

The modular approach means that there are an infinite number of I/O distribution options available. This approach reduces investment risk for the end-user. Modules can be easily interchanged or updated as technology advances or applications change.

Food and beverage plant

To understand more about the specific features and benefits of the Numatics G3 Series valve island electronics, please click here. Alternatively, read on to understand how the G3 Series saved costs and increased flexibility at a major food company in France.

G3 Series Valve Island in Food Application

A Food company in France was looking for an electronics platform for controlling equipment for biscuits packaging. Their main concern was finding a solution that rapidly enhanced production performance in order to overcome the inefficiencies in the application.

The solution came in the form of the ASCO Numatics G3 valve island electronics, coupled with 2012 series valve islands. The valve islands communicate with the control system via a sub bus system using Ethernet IP. A main feature of the G3 series that impressed engineers was the plain language local diagnostics. This enabled quicker trouble-shooting and repair of problems, hence improving productivity at the factory.

A customer representative stated another significant benefit of the G3 valve island electronics was the modularity and flexibility of the solution. This meant less hard-wiring was required which reduced labour and down-time, saving the factory significant installation and maintenance costs.

The G3 series provided the company with a flexible solution, that was easy to install, easy to maintain and easy to adapt. Do you have any experiences of electronics platforms that can rival the G3 Series?

Company Profile

ASCO Numatics

ASCO Numatics offers comprehensive fluid automation solutions for a wide range of industry-focused applications. When combined with our deep process expertise, these solutions provide lower cost of ownership, greater asset availability, and improved productivity.

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