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Why nozzle check valves are the best non-slam check valve for demanding applications

Where non-slam check valves are required in demanding applications, high performance and optimal control really is a must. There are several different types of non-slam check valves, but there is one type that stands out from the rest when it comes to these factors and that is nozzle check valves.

In this article, PIF takes a look at the benefits of a non slam check valve function and leading control & Instrumentation suppliers, MGA Controls, explain more about why nozzle check valves are the best choice when operating in demanding applications.

What are non-slam check valves?

Non-slam check valves are well suited for use in a wide variety of applications. The primary benefit of the non-slam check valve function is its ability to prevent water hammer. This is a process where the momentum behind a surge of pressure is forced to change direction suddenly. Their ability to eliminate the effects of water hammer, coupled with the fact that non-slam check valves experience minimal wear over time, enables operational costs to be reduced and therefore also leads to savings on the cost of ownership, due to the longer lifecycle.

What are nozzle check valves?

Nozzle check valves self-actuated devices that are renowned for their high performance. Built with demanding applications in mind, nozzle check valves react promptly to high deceleration rates. When in reverse flow conditions, this allows them to strongly resist water hammer.

When it comes to high flow and energy efficiency, non-slam check valves are untouchable. Everything about the nozzle check valve is optimised to handle the flow conditions for any application. They are also superior to other non-slam check valves at recovering head losses, thanks largely to the built-in diffuser, further reducing energy consumption in the process. The spring-assisted, short-stroke disc action enables fast valve closure, protecting the pipework, pumping and other related equipment from damaging surge pressures and high-reverse velocities.

What types of nozzle check valves are there?

As a leading supplier of control and instrumentation devices, MGA Controls supply nozzle check valves to suit a variety of demanding applications. Two of the most common are the Z Type Solid Disc Nozzle Check Valves and the N Type Ring Disc Nozzle valves.

Each type of nozzle check valves are optimised for a wide variety of factors that can dictate its performance and suitability. These factors include;

Optimisation factors of nozzle check valves>/h3>

  • System deceleration rates
  • Reverse flow velocities
  • Critical flow velocities
  • High flow rates
  • Minimum head loss
  • Maximum energy efficiencies
  • Maximum longevity

The fact that they are optimised to handle these factors, is the reason that nozzle check valves are the obvious choice for demanding applications.

For more information about nozzle check valves for the demanding applications or for any of the other products that MGA Controls supply, visit www.mgacontrols.com

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