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Next Generation HVAC System uses Latest Technology to Deliver Ultimate Performance

A leading global provider of indoor comfort solutions and services have announced their latest commercial HVAC rooftop system.

IntelliPak® Rooftop System Connected with Symbio™ 800, is the next generation of IntelilPak systems from Trane. The new system has been designed to provide greater energy efficiency, flexible installation, proven reliability and system integration for a smarter, more connected building.

In this article, PIF spoke to Trane about how the latest technology used in the Intellipak with Symbio 800 controller provides customers with a next-generation HVAC rooftop system.

IntelliPak with Symbio 800 controller

The latest InteliPak HVAC rooftop system is connected with Symbio 800, a flexible controller designed to improve the customer experience at installation and throughout the life of the system.

“Our IntelliPak rooftop units have been iconic systems used in buildings for more than 40 years. Through our extensive customer research, we modernised the design to evolve with our customers’ needs,” said Manlio Valdes, vice president, product management and marketing at Trane.

“We’ve designed the new system to enhance the customer experience, from easy initial selection to superior quality and testing during manufacturing, and flexible and fast installation onsite. The added Symbio 800 controller enables the connected capability to improve the overall building performance for customers.”

Next generation HVAC rooftop system

The new high-efficiency, connected IntelliPak and Symbio 800 system pairs with TRACE®3D Plus software to make the system easy to select and design for exact customer specifications. This solution is ideal for industrial, healthcare, education and retail facilities that require greater efficiency and connectivity.

IntelliPak with Symbio 800’s upgraded variable speed technology allows Trane to offer a unit at each tonnage that meets the Consortium of Energy Efficiency advanced tier with a rating up to a 17.8 Integrated Energy Efficiency Ratio.

The rooftop system also meets regulatory compliance; all heat exchangers satisfy the 2023 Department of Energy (DOE) code of at least 81 per cent steady state efficiency.

IntelliPak HVAC system with Symbio 800 controller

If you are interested in purchasing the IntelliPak HVAC system with Symbio 800 controller, contact Trane today.

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