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New Hach UV sensor delivers reagent-less online measurement of nitrogen and organics

Water analysis experts, Hach, have released a new advanced multi-parameter UV scanning solution for the water industry. The NX7500 UV sensor provides operators with reagent-less online measurement of nitrogen and organics, delivering accurate and continuous measurement for a range of parameters. PIF finds out more about this new Hach UV sensor.

NX7500 UV sensor from Hach

Hach has announced the release of their new NX7500 UV scanning sensor for the online measurement of nitrogen and organics. The sensor can be immersed directly in the process or installed using a flow-through cell. Measuring nitrogen and organics in such a way provides operators with a complete view of the quality of their water, while keeping enabling them to remain one step ahead of changing concentrations.

NX7500 sensors require less preparation, thanks to reagent-free measuring. Furthermore, nano-coated detector windows and an optional automatic cleaning unit provide sustained performance quality. By analysing a full UV spectrum, within a wavelength of 200 to 360nm, the NX7500 provides accurate and continuous measurement values for a range of parameters, such as NO3-N, NO2-N and organic components.

Hach’s NX7500 sensors enable users to take full control of the deammonification process by measuring nitrite and nitrate online. With short measurement intervals along a full UV spectrum, operators receive more analytical data faster. This enables water and wastewater plant operatives to keep one step ahead of rising nitrate and nitrite concentrations negatively impacting their processes.

Hach UV sensor provides real-time alerts

The NX7500 UV sensor provides a continuous and complete picture of the organic load and/or nitrate concentration in drinking water, raw water, environmental and river water measurements, generating data to inform important treatment decisions on organics removal. With short measurement intervals along a full UV spectrum, end-users receive accurate and quick measurements, eliminating interferences from other parameters, such as turbidity.

The NX7500 UV sensor provides real-time alerts of rising nitrate, nitrite, and organics concentrations in the wastewater process. This allows for the detection of influent upsets, the tracking of aeration tank process efficiency, and ensures effluent quality. All of which enables water companies to adopt a proactive approach to rising nitrogen and organics concentrations in their wastewater.

Reagent-free measuring method

NX7500 multi-parameter scanning UV sensors include a new generation of UV spectral probes for online-monitoring of nitrogen and carbon compounds. Due to their ability to execute a full spectrum analysis, these sensors provide reliable and accurate measuring values for NO3-N, NO2-N and organic compounds, as well as for several additional parameters.

In addition, the NX7500 multi-parameter scanning UV sensors are equipped with nano-coated detector windows and optional automatic cleaning for sustained performance quality. Plus, the factory pre-calibration enables immediate use from day one.

Typical applications for this Hach UV sensor include waste water treatment plants, environmental monitoring programmes, drinking water control and industrial observations. The NX7500 delivers a real-time and reagent-free measuring method without any requirements for sample taking and sample preparation.

Who is Hach?

For more than 80 years, Hach has provided innovations to support our customers. Hach gives customers confidence in their water analysis by delivering expert answers, outstanding support, and reliable, easy-to-use solutions. Hach analytical instruments, services, software, and reagents are used to ensure the quality of water in a variety of industries in more than 100 countries globally.

For more information, visit uk.hach.com.

Company Profile


Faster, simpler, greener and more informative, Hach make water analysis better. Through their expert knowledge, unmatched reliability and simple solutions, they have been able to build strong customer partnerships.

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