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New Diagnostic Analytic Tool for the Petrochemical Market from ICIS

Following a significant investment in technology and analytics, ICIS has launched a new suite of analytics tools for the petrochemical and fertiliser sector. As one of the leading market intelligence and analytics providers, ICIS has created the tools to meet the need for complex market intelligence required to navigate the levels of disruption seen in today’s markets. In this article, PIF speak to ICIS about the ins and outs of their descriptive and diagnostic tool.

Analytical solution

The new analytic solution complements the existing market intelligence that ICIS provides for global commodities markets, giving their customers a 360-degree view of the market. These tools offer industry players the data and insight to enable market participants to rapidly respond to changing markets, and to better spot and optimise opportunities in order to gain a competitive advantage.

ICIS Petrochemicals Product Director Charmaine Chew said:

"These are challenging times for the petrochemicals industry, so we’ve listened to our customers and invested in developing what they need to keep ahead of competition. Our tools are easy to use and intuitive, enabling market information to be filtered and giving a 360-degree view that connects the dots and provides critical answers at a glance – thereby simplifying workflows and saving time."

"We give our customers control so that they can focus on making the right decisions, especially in these times of market volatility and disruptions, with access to all the updated information and precise data that they need," Chew said.

What do the tools consist of?

ICIS worked closely with their customers to fully understand the challenges that they face every day and the vast information that they need to filter through to make decisions.

The new petrochemicals analytics tools include:

Live Supply Disruptions Tracker - Real-time data on global plant outages and maintenance for the next 12 months, plus the precise impact of the capacity changes from planned and unplanned plant outages with at-a-glance visual data.

Price Drivers Analytics - Charts and analysis with impact commentary to understand the key factors driving market fundamentals, trade flows and price trends - and what this means to your business.

Supply and Demand Outlooks - A digestible overview for the entire commodity value chain with comparisons of supply and demand trends across regions, supporting international trade decisions and saving critical time spent gathering the essential data.

The combination of invaluable insight with technology and knowledge from ISIC’s extensive global team of market experts allow for the tools and insight needed to make complex decisions quickly, reduce risk and maximise on opportunities. The new ICIS analytics solutions offer a unique ‘whole-market perspective’ backed up by robust analytical tools that look below the surface, to reveal the true impact of change as it happens.

Rob Kolkman, Managing Director of ICIS, said:

“This is the latest step in enhancing our analytics tools. We will continue to invest more and work closely with our customers to further develop our predictive and prescriptive capabilities. Our customers want to not only see what is happening within the market, they also need to look ahead to potential scenarios and advise on the best route to maximise the outcomes of their decisions. We can help with that,”

For more information on ICIS’s new analytics tools for the petrochemicals market, contact ICIS website today! ICIS is the world’s largest petrochemical market information provider, with divisions spanning energy and fertilisers. Whatever your need ICIS have the answer.

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