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New Cutting-edge Energy and Power Journal from IET Smart Grid

PIF recently spoke to the Institution of Engineering and Technology to discover any new trends and plans for the energy and power industry in 2018. The conversation provided us with a lot of helpful information and upcoming plans, the key focus being a brand-new innovative journal from IET themselves! Read on to find out more.

The journal

IET Smart Grid will publish original research findings and latest perspectives from research projects relevant to smart grid technologies and their applications in other domains. This new open access journal will pay special attention to smart grid management and ICT technologies for power systems including communications and networking, artificial intelligence, data analytics, and cyber-physical security and architectures for power systems. Vincent Cassidy, Head of Academic Markets at the IET said:

“The research published in IET Smart Grid will pave the way for implementing more efficient, reliable and secure power systems, contributing to the IET’s mission to engineer a better world. With an international editorial board of experts, this journal presents some very exciting opportunities to collaborate globally to showcase the latest research in this very important field and contribute to the development of future technologies.”

Why is the journal important?

Electricity networks serve billions of people every day but presents several key challenging issues, such as ageing infrastructure, increasing demand for electricity, integration of distributed and renewable energy sources, and significant uptake of electric vehicles. Hence it is vital to develop smart grid technologies capable of intelligently addressing these challenges. The IET Smart Grid, which will create an open access platform for disseminating cutting-edge research addressing these issues, with the goal of accelerating the adoption of such technologies in practice.

Where to find the journal?

The journal is the latest addition to a growing collection of fully open access journals in the IET Open programme, which showcases the best in engineering science. Covering the latest research topics, the IET’s fully open access journals offer researchers a place to publish their most innovative and novel work and make it accessible to anyone wishing to read it, cite it and re-use it.

To find out more about the journal, contact IET today!

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