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New batch controllers for continuous flow measurement & batch control

Bürkert, experts in Flow Measurement and Control have re-engineered their range of batch controllers and flow transmitters to offer improved functionality, such as improved I/O capabilities, improved display functionality and enhanced calibration.

Insertion and Remote Batch Controllers

The Bürkert range of batch controllers are available as an insertion type, fitted directly to the pipework, type 8025, or as a remote version, type SE35, which operates in conjunction with a separate flowmeter. In both cases the controller has been re-engineered to improve functionality and the new products will be directly interchangeable with previous models to allow existing customers to upgrade current equipment without any complications.

Burkert 8025 Batch Controllers

Batch controllers for effective flow measurement

When mounted in a pipe, or connected to a flowmeter, in series with one or two valves, the 8025 and SE35 batch controllers can carry out dosing of one or several quantities of liquids. The unit controls the opening of the valves and measures the quantity of the fluid which flows, after which the valve is closed, once the preset quantity has been delivered.

Available in compact, wall-mount and panel-mount options, the new IP56 batch controllers have been developed with an improved display which now has an adjustable backlight and an additional 3-colour LED indication lamp which provides a clear visual signal as to the device status. Suitable for connection to a range of power supplies, both AC and DC, the new controllers have enhanced calibration with the use of the Teach-In function.

Batch controllers with I/O capabilities

Further improvements have been made to the I/O capability, which now contains 2 transistor outputs, 2 relay outputs and 4 digital inputs, as well as 2 volume or mass totalizers and 2 batch totalizers. This is combined with the ability to accept an extended range of frequencies from remote sensors to ensure compatibility with third party equipment. In addition, the controller retains the history of the last 10 batches and also offers an extended overfill function.

For more information, read this tutorial on flow measurement and control. Alternatively, visit the Bürkert website.

Company Profile

Bürkert Fluid Control Systems

Bürkert Fluid Control Systems is a world-leading manufacturer of control and measuring systems for fluids and gases.

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