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Murrelektronik’s space-saving Emparro and MICO power units

Murrelektronik's space-saving and energy efficient Emparro and MICO power units are the perfect solutions for many different applications, particularly for decentralised installation applications.

Features of Emparro67 and MICO+ Power units

Murrelektronik Emparro 67

Murrelektronik's highly innovative Emparro range of power supply units offer maximum efficiency and minimum power loss. Emparro67 units are specially designed for applications outside the control cabinet. They can withstand extreme environmental conditions and be installed directly in the field, next to the loads. This makes them the ideal solution for decentralised installation concepts, with power loss reduced to a minimum.

With MICO+ you can switch off machine parts that are no longer needed for current production processes. For example, assembly lines that do not operate 24 hours a day but only occasionally transport parts. A signal from the control is enough to put the system into a non-operating state. This saves energy and reduces the costs. When the machine part is needed again, you can activate it quickly with MICO+.

Benefits of Emparro67 and MICO+

Emparro power supplies

Benefits of Emparro67 at a glance:

  • Low power loss
  • High efficiency of up to 94.2 %
  • Active PFC
  • Ambient temperature up to 85 °C
  • Extremely rugged, fully potted housing (IP67)
  • Always safe to touch, even when under full load
  • Very flat, compact design.

Benefits of MICO+ at a glance:

  • Ideal switch off behaviour
  • Flexibly adjustable current ranges
  • Capacitive load per channel 20,000 µF
  • Group alarm contact
  • 90% warning notice, signalled by a blinking LED
  • Unique bridge system
  • Cascading start of individual current paths
  • Non-volatile error memory
  • Manual switch-off and-on by pressing a button.

In the field application of Emparro and MICO

Machine manufacturers, bdtronic GmbH, employed an Emparro power unit and MICO power distribution when they reengineered one of their automated lean dispensing machines. They needed to create a more compact design for the machine, whilst retaining identical technical components within the limited space available.

Murrelektronik's space-saving components not only saved 85 mm of space on the cabinet's DIN rail (total width 185 instead of 270 millimetres) but the integrated push in terminals required considerably less wiring efforts too. While Emparro's high efficiency reduced energy costs and MICO's integrated LEDs ensured that the current load of the individual paths could be checked at a glance – counteracting potential downtime much earlier. Read more about this application.

Company Profile

Murrelektronik Ltd

Stay connected with Murrelektronik. Murrelektronik is the UK arm of the world leading Murrelektronik GmbH, supplying connection technology to the engineering industry.

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