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Murrelektronik’s range of IP20 products

The IP20 rating is used to specify the amount of protection a certain enclosure gives against solid objects and liquids that might ingress into the object. Connection experts, Murrelektronik, have developed a whole range of IP20 I/O systems that provide full IP 20 protection. In this article, PIF highlights some of their leading IP20 products.
IP20 IO systems

IP20 I/O Systems – Murrelektronik Cube20

Murrelektronik’s Cube20 is an IP20 rated in-cabinet I/O system designed for ease of installation with a high I/O density in a single space. It can connect up to 15 I/O modules, which gives you up to 488 I/O connections within 90 cm. Cube20 was designed to minimise assembly time, so one part number for one I/O module is all that is necessary when ordering.

The I/O modules are connected to each other with a built-in ribbon cable for backplane communication and power. Cube20 also has the ability to connect Cube67 modules through a Cube20/Cube67 transition module. This provides an easier solution for your complex installations and access to over 150 additional I/O modules. In short, Cube20 is easy to plan, easy to install and easy to adapt.

Features and benefits:

  • IP20 protection.
  • Up to 488 I/O connections in 60 cm Pluggable terminals with spring clamp wire terminations.
  • Single part numbers – no assembly required Backlit LED for diagnostics.
  • Integrated Ethernet switch.
  • Up to 15 I/O modules after a bus node Ethernet/IP built in web browser.
  • Din rail mounting.
  • Available in Profibus DP, Profinet and Ethernet IP.

IP20 I/O Systems – Murrelektronik Cube20S

Murrelektronik’s Cube20S connects slim input and output modules with a width of only 12.5 mm for base modules with integrated bus nodes. Digital and analogue modules with two, four or eight channels are available, as well as function modules like counters or potential distributors. Combining the standard output modules with Murrelektronik's safety relay MIRO Safe+ make it possible to safely switch off non-safe outputs up to Category 3 PLd.

Offering full IP20 protection, these fieldbus stations can be precisely configured according to the engineer’s need for their installations. Cube20S is available for the fieldbus systems Profibus, CANopen, Profinet, Ethernet IP, Ethercat and Modbus. This wide variety of models and the short response times (up to 20 μs) make Cube20S suitable for a large number of applications. Modules for active safety applications up to SIL3 and PLe are in the pipeline, as is an interface for the Cube67 system.

Features and benefits:

    • Individual, modular design.
    • Space saving spring clamp terminals.
    • Safety modules for safe inputs and outputs with the highest possible protection (up to PLe).
      Status LEDs with clear channel assignment.
    • Response time up to 20 μs.
    • Highly modular with 2-, 4-, and 8-channel modules.
      Up to 64 modules per bus node.

IP20 I/O Systems – Murrelektronik Impact20

Finally, Murrelektronik’s Impact20 is the perfect solution when you need a cost-effective application of fieldbus I/O modules in terminal boxes and control panels. The predefined inputs and outputs help facilitate configuration. While single channel diagnostics (via an LED) indicate failures on the spot and group Diagnostic (via the Bus) facilitate failure analysis. Furthermore, Impact20’s channel-related shut down function means that, in the event of a failure, only the affected channel is shutdown.

For more information about the full range of IP20 protection products available at Murrelektronik, call one of their technical experts on +44 161 7283133 or email them at [email protected].

Company Profile

Murrelektronik Ltd

Stay connected with Murrelektronik. Murrelektronik is the UK arm of the world leading Murrelektronik GmbH, supplying connection technology to the engineering industry.

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