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multiCELL controller for distributed automation in hygienic applications

The multiCELL is a modular, multi-variable remote transmitter/controller with multi-channel inputs for different sensor types such as flow, pH, ORP, conductivity, free chlorine, etc. in a user defined arrangement. The multiCELL is designed to cut processing costs in water treatment and hygienic processing applications, providing one device for the direct connection of a wide range of flow and analytical sensors.

Bürkert’s Valve Controllers for hygienic applications

The type 8619 multiCELL controller allows process control tasks to be carried out locally, connecting valves, flowmeters, pressure sensors and temperature sensors to control and regulate processes without having to wire each component to a central plant control cabinet or room.

Valve controller

Essentially, the multiCELL controller allows for multiple control cabinet components to be replaced with one neat controller with a compact display. This means the relative costs of a large enclosure, rack mounted plc, I/O, cabling, power supply and HMI can be replaced with just one multiCELL controller, in its own enclosure.

multiCELL valve controller

Benefits of the multiCELL controller for hygienic applications

  • Entire suite of data management & process control software is already on board – allowing easy management of sensor signals and process data collection.
  • Decentralisation of process automation means reduced cost and inconvenience of multiple wires and pneumatic air supply lines. This simplifies the process significantly considering the cost & maintenance associated with food grade wash-down applications.
  • Allows access to control processes via a display screen so adjustments can be made within sight of the actual process.
  • Can be connected to factory wide communication/control networks to allow for information to be easily passed between factory floors and the control room.

How do you control the steam in your process application? Can these innovative valves and controllers increase efficiency and reduce costs in your steam application?

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