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Mitsubishi Electric unveils new robotic solutions at Hannover Messe

At the world's biggest industrial fair, Hannover Messe, this year Mitsubishi Electric and partners presented a raft of exciting automated solutions. PIF takes a closer look at the electronics giant's robotics innovations.

The robotics focus included an integrated high-precision, flexible laser marking solution from Taufenbach GmbH, an automated screw application system from WSM-Automation GmbH, an engraving application from Bilfinger HSG FM Ost GmbH and a position-dependent product recognition system with laser labelling and data capture from Datalogic S.r.L.

New Robotic Solutions

Another high-speed application was based on the new RH-1FHR MELFA robot which is used by Bahr Modultechnik GmbH in a camera-supported system for sorting pharmaceutical packaging between a conveyor belt and a linear axis. Datalogic S.r.L. from the e-F@ctory partner network also presented a robot solution with various vision systems, a laser marking system and its own safety technology.

The partner applications also included a complete solution from Robotronic AG specially designed for handling in the pharmaceutical and life science sector. In the compact, modular MRT cell, two six-axis robots are both responsible for handling the syringes and are capable of operating at a processing rate of up to 600 syringes per minute.

Latest generations of drive and control technology

Speaking before the event, Oliver Giertz, European Product Manager Servo/Motion Systems and Robots, Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V., Factory Automation European Business Group, said: "At this year's trade fair in Hanover, Mitsubishi Electric will once again be presenting a number of new highlights from its range of robot technology, from quality control through Pick & Place applications and systems for handling delicate goods to complete solutions from project planning to customer acceptance.

“We will also be displaying the latest generations of our drive and control technology as well as our operating terminals and demonstrating the benefits of interdisciplinary cooperation within our whole automation portfolio."

Mitsubishi Electric's innovations in Human-Robot Cooperation

Mitsubishi Electric has made many developments in order to promote Human-Robot Cooperation (HRC), especially in connection with safety and control technology as well as intelligent robot technology. "Mitsubishi Electric robots continue to make their mark with maximum speed and precision,” Giertz continues.

“However, the full performance capability has not been achieved yet within HRC. There is a high potential for innovation within the field of assistance in production in particular. Mitsubishi Electric will be presenting innovative developments with its MELFA robots.

"Above all, the ability to detect people prior to contact will increase the efficiency of such systems,” he continues. “Our robots are also easy to program and commission. However it is also clear that no matter how much a robot may resemble a human in the way it looks and acts, operating personnel will always be required in order to allocate tasks. Only then can a robot with all its technical benefits assist with production.”

Industry 4.0 can help to make comprehensive systems controllable

"HRC will also continue to be developed in connection with Industry 4.0 as it can be used to increase flexibility within the production process. The aim is for robots to be used specifically, regardless of the environment or task", explains Thomas Lantermann, Senior Business Development Manager, Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V., Factory Automation – European Business Group.

"In the production process, Industry 4.0 can help to make comprehensive systems controllable through the application of assistance systems. A robot will be able to support or even carry out complex, high-precision fitting or assembly processes. It can collect the information required for traceability, preventive maintenance, quality assurance and energy management and forward it to the MES/ERP system from where it can be made available to the whole value chain. Robots are predestined to be used in the manufacture of personalised products and also to work effectively and efficiently, even with the smallest of quantities."

Besides robotic applications and the very latest F-series MELFA robot models, Mitsubishi Electric was also due to present its newest generations of drive and control products as well as operating terminals.

Company Profile

Mitsubishi Electric Europe

As the UK arm of one of the world’s leading manufacturing companies, Mitsubishi Electric has been supplying automation products and solutions to the UK for over 35 years.

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