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Mitsubishi Electric offers comprehensive solutions for power generation sector

The power generation industry is facing up to increasingly demanding challenges, driven by requirements for increased flexibility, greater efficiency and improved predictability.

Power generation sector

A picture of today’s power generation sector is an industry where outages need to be reduced, where increasingly stringent legislative targets must be met and where greater levels of renewables have to be integrated. This includes the recent update to the EU’s energy targets, which include a 20% cut in greenhouse gas emissions, a 20% share for renewable energy and a 20% improvement in energy efficiency, all by 2020.

Electric power industry

A 2030 climate and energy framework then calls for even more action in the following decade, reducing greenhouse gases by 40%, creating a 27% share for renewables and achieving at least a 20% improvement in energy efficiency compared to those of 1990.

Effective control and automation holds the key to addressing these and other challenges within the power generation industry, and Mitsubishi Electric offers comprehensive solutions for the whole sector. That includes customers who are managing existing plants, constructing a new plant, upgrading an existing plant, or working to integrate and balance a number of different energy sources.

With an unrivalled portfolio of proven and reliable technologies, Mitsubishi Electric offers solutions from individual automation and electrical products right up complete plant control systems, with EIC accredited installation capabilities.

Power generation facilities

Proven in power generation facilities across the world, and built on decades of world class R&D and unrivalled solutions development, the Mitsubishi Electric name is trusted to deliver. The highest levels of reliability, efficiency, safety and predictability, plus maximising asset availability while minimising waste are the targets.

In this way Mitsubishi Electric is able to meet the needs of plant owners, maintenance providers or EPC suppliers for new plants. Mitsubishi Electric solutions cover everything from MV (Medium Voltage) inverters and switchgear, to power plant automation and control solutions for new build and retrofit projects, to turbine control systems, to a full virtual power plant control solution.

Company Profile

Mitsubishi Electric Europe

As the UK arm of one of the world’s leading manufacturing companies, Mitsubishi Electric has been supplying automation products and solutions to the UK for over 35 years.

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