Measure large forces in small spaces with miniature strain sensors from Baumer

Baumer strain sensors

Baumer has expanded its extensive portfolio of sensors with the addition of the DST20 miniature strain sensor. Measuring a mere 28 x 12 x 10 mm, this compact sensor offers a cost-efficient solution for the measurement of large forces above 10,000 N even in confined spaces. Not to mention unbeatable space savings that no other screw-on strain sensor on the market can even come close to achieving.

Rugged and durable strain sensor

As well as those laudably svelte dimensions, the DST20 miniature strain sensor boasts a full stainless steel housing and IP65 protection. As such, the rugged and durable construction makes the DST20 perfectly suited to demanding production environments and a wide range of applications. This innovative strain gauge sensor stands up well to mechanical engineering applications and most process automation environments.

The DST20 strain sensor can be integrated into a machine with the bare minimum of engineering effort, thanks in part to its robust 4-pin M5 connector. Baumer’s latest miniaturised strain sensor also delivers a lasting solution that they assert can serially replace cold bonded strain gauges in limited installation spaces, based on initial tests in the experimental laboratory. Impressive stuff indeed, but the benefits don’t end there.

Strain gauge sensor technology

In line with other strain sensors in the Baumer portfolio, the DST20 is built around strain gauge sensor technology with a strain gauge and a strain body. The sensor’s internal soft geometry minimises any hardening of the structure to be measured, making this miniature strain sensor suitable for static and dynamic applications. Thin structures can also be monitored because of limited reaction forces on the screws.

Ex-factory the strain is typically measured with an output signal of around 1.0 mV/V, which can often eliminate the need for calibration with a separate force sensor. This gives operators the dual benefits of simple and quick commissioning coupled with high measurement accuracy in the micrometre range. All of which saves valuable time in case of emergencies. This is one strain gauge sensor that punches well above its weight.

Broadening the scope of strain sensor applications

The Baumer DST20 comes in two measurement ranges: 500 and 1,000 µm/m. With these options, various different customer requirements can be met in terms of the expected strains and permitted mechanical tension, depending on the steel quality. In this way, a single sensor can be used to cover a large array of applications. The payoff for users is several-fold, including lower costs and greater warehousing space.
In addition to robust strain sensors for outdoor and industrial applications, Baumer has combined robustness and precision with exceptionally compact dimensions in this latest incarnation of their strain sensor range. They have effectively broadened the scope of strain gauge sensor applications, with users now able optimise their process safety and quality in space-restricted areas where the smallest dimensions matter.

About Baumer

The Baumer Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of sensors, encoders, measuring instruments and components for automated image processing. Baumer combines innovative technologies and customer-oriented service into intelligent solutions for factory and process automation.

With around 2,700 employees and 39 subsidiaries in 19 countries, the family-owned group of companies is always close to the customer. Baumer supplies clients across a diverse range of industries with vital benefits and measurable added value. They achieve this through high-quality standards and outstanding innovation.

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