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Martin’s Rubber launches Monomer online store

For the last 150 years, Martin's Rubber has been at the forefront of elastomer manufacture and supply in the UK. It seems only natural then, for a company that's flexed and adapted to their surroundings as effectively as the products they produce, to take the next step in their evolution with the launch of new online store: Monomer.


Elastomer experience 150 years in the making

Injecting three generations worth of elastomeric, and other related materials, experience into Monomer means that customers receive guidance and advice from staff who truly know their products inside out. Given that experience, gained over the past 150 years, Monomer has a wealth of industrial rubber supplies know-how. Little wonder that many industries – including manufacturing, motorsport, engineering and aerospace – call on them for their elastomeric product requirements.

One stop shop for elastomer products

New online store, Monomer, offers all the market leading elastomer products you'd expect from Martin's Rubber under one roof. That means they can supply everything from rubber sheeting (available in any size you require) through to adhesives and sealants. To add to your online shopping experience, they can also deliver your purchases within days, ensuring the most convenient experience possible.

Passionate about providing the best solutions

Martin's Rubber have a record of highly satisfied customers and they are determined to carry this on through Monomer. They continue to combine unique products and technical experience with creative solutions, designed and tailored for your needs.

Their staff are highly experienced in everything relating to industrial rubber and sealing components, which is why they are able to provide extensive design and manufacturing input into customer products. You can be confident that Monomer staff are passionate about providing you with the best possible solution.

Online shopping with a human touch

If you’re hesitant about purchasing this type of product online, don’t let communication be a factor that steers you away from the Monomer online store. If you would like to be advised on what rubber product you need, or have any questions, their experts are always available to speak to by calling 023 8022 6330. Or you can drop them an email at [email protected].

For more information, visit www.monomer.co.uk.

Company Profile

Martins Rubber Company

Martins Rubber are a rubber manufacturer who specialise in the production and supply of elastomeric products.

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