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Machinery alignment equipment for reduced maintenance & precision engineering

PIF had the opportunity to interview Colin Pickett their technical expert about the innovative laser alignment & vibration analysis technology that Pruftechnik were exhibiting at The Pump Centre Conference in Telford, UK.

Every day Pruftechnik products are being used worldwide to optimise machine and plant availability. Pruftechnik are a global company specialising in Rotating equipment, Laser alignment equipment and Vibration analysis equipment.


Experts in Laser Shaft alignment

Pruftechnik really are experts in Laser shaft alignment; their innovative shaft alignment equipment was invented over 40 years ago, so the company has a wealth of experience, knowledge and expertise in the world of Precision Engineering.


Their latest innovation is the ROTALIGN Ultra iS – an intelligent system for machinery alignment.

ROTALIGN Ultra iS_Pruftechnik

The ROTALIGN Ultra iS is a highly versatile system made to handle alignment on all types of rotating machines. This innovative machinery alignment system has vibration sensors built in to the rotation heads, so transient vibrations from other machines can be monitored whilst alignment is being carried out, thus making the precision of that alignment even greater.

Innovative features of the ROTALIGN Ultra iS

Machinery alignment equipment_Pruftechnik

  • intelliSWEEP means you only get the best measurement results under any external and environmental conditions. Using a number of quality factors such as vibration and backlash, poor quality measurement points are automatically filtered out.
  • Convenient alignment of uncoupled shafts: intelliPASS mode.
  • Live Move enables one-step machine adjustments through the simultaneous monitoring of machine corrections in both vertical and horizontal directions with the sensor at any angular position on the shaft. Not only does this save a lot of time and effort but it is also extremely useful in case of restricted access to predetermined shaft positions
  • Handles any amount of misalignment (InfiniRange) including extra-large detector.
  • Expert modules such as Vibration Acceptance Check and LiveTrend for the monitoring of thermal growth (optional).
  • Integrated Bluetooth module: no extra accessories required.
  • Save measurement reports as PDF to a USB stick: no PC required.

Why use Pruftechnik machinery alignment equipment?

  • Reduced maintenance
  • Trouble free installation
  • Reduced vibration
  • Better control over equipment
  • Precision engineering

Click here to learn more about Pruftechnik.

Company Profile


PRUFTECHNIK – market leaders in maintenance technology

As specialists in Rotating machine maintenance and monitoring systems, we have been in the development of laser measurement and condition monitoring systems, for 40+ years.

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