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How do your limit switches perform in demanding applications?

Extreme conditions such as in applications that are hot, cold, wet, aggressive, abusive, dirty, corrosive, explosive and nuclear always pose problems to the reliability and longevity of instrumentation. These conditions can lead to damaged instruments, premature instrument replacement and costly plant breakdowns.

Topworks appear to have a solution to poor instrument performance in aggressive and hostile environments in the form of their range of their unique GO Switch Leverless Limit Switches.

GO Limit switches

The unique technology underpinning these limit switches is said to outperform other types of sensors in demanding applications and their GO Switch square limit switches claims to be an ideal replacement for traditional mechanical limit switches.

But how exactly do Topworks’ limit switches out-perform traditional mechanical limit switches in hostile environments?

Topworks GO Limit Switches

  • They have sealed contacts – prevents moisture or dust from reaching the contacts.
  • Rugged enclosures (brass or stainless steel) – withstands physical abuse, moisture, explosive and corrosive environments.
  • Filled cavity – potting fills the entire switching cavity forming a barrier against moisture
  • No-touch sensing – eliminates broken or bent lever arms, poor mechanical alignment and poor repeatability. Side sensing range can be extended to nearly 4”.
  • Snap-action response – seesaw armature provides snap action and solid contact pressure, eliminating ‘contact teasing’ and ‘contact chatter’ in high vibration applications.

If your plant conditions have extreme or hostile conditions, GO leverless limit switches could be the solution to overcome the ongoing problem of instrument repair and premature replacement.

Let us know what you think! Does your plant operability suffer due to regular instrument breakdown? Could it be due to a mismatch between instrument specification and plant conditions?

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