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LABOM unveils high precision pressure measurement – PASCAL Ci4 range

LABOM has unveiled a raft of new technology in their PASCAL Ci4 range, including precision level and pressure transmitters and a ‘quantum leap’ in the temperature stability of diaphragm seal systems.

Among the new developments at LABOM is their ATC-Technologie (Active Temperature Compensation) solution, which is a huge leap forward in the temperature stability of diaphragm seal systems and is said to reduce temperature errors by 90%.

Their level transmitter PASCAL Ci4 LEVEL, with intuitive level wizard, allows for easy configuration in a few steps. While their pressure transmitter PASCAL Ci4 gives added flexibility, thanks to sided connection or front flange for flush mounting.

High-precision pressure measurement using PASCAL Ci4 & diaphragm seals

A high temperature error is often the reason that diaphragm seals with small diameters don't meet accuracy requirements. LABOM’s solution? ATC-Technologie (Active Temperature Compensation).

PASCAL Ci4 & diaphragm sealsIn practice, this means that an additional temperature sensor is positioned directly behind the membrane of the diaphragm seal. Thus, a much faster response to temperature changes enables a precise correction of the occurring temperature error. As the sensor is insensitive to environmental influences, the a.m. error can be reduced dramatically.

With the development of this technology LABOM achieved a quantum leap regarding temperature stability of diaphragm seal systems. In combination with high precision instruments, most demanding accuracy requirements can be set.

Level transmitter PASCAL Ci4 LEVEL

The level transmitter PASCAL Ci4 Level comes with a fully optimised user-interface especially designed for hydrostatic level measurement. There are no limits regarding measurement values, no manual calculation is required any more. The display mode of the measured values can also be chosen individually.

Level transmitter PASCAL Ci4 LEVEL

Ideally, the device is connected and configured in a few simple steps. The PASCAL Ci4 offers a wide range of application scenarios and is also available at short notice, in any customised design you might need.

Pressure transmitter PASCAL Ci4

The digital pressure transmitter PASCAL Ci4 is suitable for measuring the relative and absolute pressures of gases, vapours and liquids. An easy 4-button operation allows you to parameterise the device quickly and intuitively, with the choice between underneath or rear-sided process connection.

Pressure transmitter PASCAL Ci4 LEVEL

Additionally, the pressure transmitter is available in front flange design for flush mounting. If necessary, this design can be ordered as aluminium case to save weight.

For more information, please visit www.labom.com.

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For over 40 years LABOM has been one of the leaders in quality for industrial pressure and temperature measurement technology.

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