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Inverter Drives for food and beverage applications

The VLT FlexConcept by Danfoss is a fully integrated inverter drive solution which utilises the OneGearConcept, allowing plant owners to realise maximum efficiency, adhere to stringent hygienic standards and benefit from significant cost reductions in their plants’ operations.

VLT Flex Concept

What is the VLT FlexConcept Inverter Drive?

FlexConcept is a unique solution that provides users with a high level of flexibility in the choice of components during plant retrofit and upgrade. The FlexConcept solution is equally efficient in centralised and decentralised production facilities and in dry, wet or aseptic areas.

What is the OneGearDrive concept?

The VLT OneGearDrive is a highly efficient permanent-magnet three-phase synchronous motor coupled to an optimised bevel gear box. The drive can achieve up to 89% efficiency and high torque and already exceeds the IE4 Super Premium Efficiency class, in a compact motor frame.

Key benefits of the VLT FlexConcept Inverter Drive

Quick and easy Installation

The OneGearDrive has a uniform operating concept, identical functional principle and easy connection function featuring axels made out of stainless steel. These features reduce installation time, service requirements and maintenance costs significantly.

Reduced stocking & inventory requirements

The VLT FlexConcept allows for reductions in the number of model variants installed in plants by 70%, whilst still allowing plant owners the ultimate flexibility and choice over motors and frequency converter technology. This is a huge advantage in large plants, as stocking costs can be reduced significantly.

EHEDG Certified

EHEDG certified inverter drive

The IP66 or the IP69K enclosure design allows the motor to withstand typical SIP or CIP cleaning processes, including high-pressure cleaning. For applications with especially stringent hygiene requirements (e.g. the aseptic filling of sensitive products), the units are available in an EHEDG certified version.

Company Profile

Danfoss VLT Drives

Danfoss VLT® Drives, part of the Power Electronics division, has been mass producing frequency converters for over 45 years and operate in 120 countries globally. Danfoss develops dedicated drive solutions, available in power range up to 1.4MW, for a wide variety of applications in strategic business areas (water & waste water, chemical, heating & ventilation, refrigeration, food & beverage and general industry).

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