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Instrumentation training courses to develop knowledge of Steam and Sensors

We all know how important training and development is for our confidence, skills, abilities and performance. Forward-thinking companies are offering free training more and more to help impart crucial knowledge to our Process Industry engineers.

These companies obviously see the benefits! Read on to learn about the free training Bürkert Fluid Control Systems is offering the Process Industry and to understand the reasons why...

Bürkert Fluid Control Systems, a leading specialist manufacturer of control and measuring systems for fluids and gases, is aiming to offer more on-site training courses to those involved in the process control industry.

Instrumentation Training courses

Instrumentation Training courses

Bürkert's Steam training courses and Sensor training courses provide theory based learning, backed up with practical applications, for a hands-on approach. Bürkert use examples and case study materials throughout the courses to highlight typical applications, all delivered by its industry experienced staff.

Bürkert aims to provide information on the real physics of batching, cleaning and sterilizing, water producing and distributing, filling, heating, cooling, separating, fermenting, distilling, or evaporating, where engineers can share experience in complete control loops for flow, conductivity, pH, temperature, pressure, and level.

The training courses are modular and are independent of each other so people can attend any or all of the courses. All courses are free to attend with lunch and refreshments included throughout the day.

Read more about the steam training courses here.

Marketing Manager, Helen Christopher states;

“We are passionate about sharing knowledge and our training programmes are designed to deliver the greatest benefit and education to those who attend. Our training is based firmly on the knowledge and experience we exercise on a daily basis. Our course structure is well established and it is delivered in a comfortable and professional manner.”

In a bid to reduce travelling distances for the trainees, Bürkert is increasing the number of trainers available to carry out training at customer's premises. This year Bürkert is offering existing clients and distributors the opportunity to have bespoke training courses conducted on their premises to ensure that both design engineers, process engineers and maintenance engineers all have full access to training on site.

Free engineering training courses

Instrumentation Training courses1

Helen Christopher comments on why Bürkert are offering the courses for free;

“One of the reasons we decided not to charge for training is that it removes a barrier preventing people from attending. Delegates expectations are generally surpassed after each course, so much so that most training requests are from word of mouth referrals.”

The courses are extremely popular and result in positive feedback from attendees. Here is a typcial comment form a course attendee:

“Our Engineering team at the Hall and Woodhouse Brewery have attended several of Bürkert’s free training sessions. We have increased our knowledge of steam and hygienic systems, bought practical information back to the Brewery which has now been successfully implemented, and has enabled us to drive health and safety forward in this field."

"This is a great initiative from Bürkert and I would urge any company to take up their generous offer”.

Is free engineering training something you would be interesed in? We would love to hear feedback on this below. 

Company Profile

Bürkert Fluid Control Systems

Bürkert Fluid Control Systems is a world-leading manufacturer of control and measuring systems for fluids and gases.

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