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INOXPA mini dairy plants are the cream of the crop

Mini dairy plants from fluid handling components manufacturer INOXPA are helping dairy producers to skim down their production lines. INOXPA mini dairy plants are not only mobile but are versatile enough to allow producers to specialise in one type of dairy product or scale and diversify into other areas. Process Industry Forum spoke to INOXPA distributors BM Engineering to find out why this food processing equipment is the cream of the crop.

Features and benefits of INOXPA mini dairy plants

The main benefit of choosing INOXPA mini dairy plants is their versatility. These mobile dairy plants allow manufacturers to start producing specific dairy products, whilst having the capability to expand the plant to produce other dairy products at a later date. They can do so by simply adding new modules.

INOXPA mini dairy plants present dairy businesses with a complete, turnkey solution that’s ready to use from the get-go. Capable of producing anywhere between 500 and 5,000 litres per hour for pasteuriser production, INOXPA’s mini dairy plants are designed for easy installation and transportation to facilitate quick relocations.

Specialised mini dairy plant applications

While we maintain that INOXPA mini dairy plants present universal appeal for the dairy industry, there are certain production processes that stand to gain more than others. Here are the processes that can benefit the most from an INOXPA dairy plant solution:

  • Liquid milk reception
  • Reconstitution of powdered milk
  • Heat treatment
  • Preparation for post-processing of milk
  • Milk packaging
  • Cheese production
  • Yoghurt production.

Food processing equipment for liquid milk reception

Dairy producers can tap into a range of customisable modules for all of the above applications, thanks to INOXPA’s innovative food processing technology. That means they can customise and add additional functions to their dairy plant at their own convenience and in line with growth.

For example, for liquid milk reception, the two modules used here would be a reception skid and a skid for reconstituting powdered milk. The reception skid allows liquid milk to be collected from farms, filtered, measured, cooled and later stored in a thermally insulated tank.

The secondary skid consists of the aforementioned thermally insulated tank, which is connected directly to a blender. Together, they mix and recirculate powdered milk with water to obtain the reconstituted product that can be used either directly or mixed with liquid milk from the primary module.

Milk packaging and yoghurt production

In milk packaging operations, a vertical, thermally insulated tank and a packaging machine would be the required mini dairy plant modules. Here, the tank acts as a buffer, ensuring no interruptions during the pasteuriser operation. Then the packaging machine can perform it’s required function seamlessly.

For yoghurt production, INOXPA mini dairy plants can produce both set and whipped yoghurt products. Set yoghurt production utilises a fermentation tank to allow the pasteurisation of milk to be maintained at the required fermentation temperature. Once the culture is added and mixed, the finished product is transported to a corresponding container for the final fermentation stage.

By comparison, the fermentation process for the production of whipped yoghurt occurs solely within the fermentation tank. Once the product has developed its desired characteristics, it is then whipped, cooled and packaged accordingly.

Where to buy an INOXPA mini dairy plant

INOXPA mini dairy plants are part of BM Engineering Supplies’ extensive range of hygienic equipment. As well as food processing equipment, they can provide businesses with a wide range of dairy technology to help improve processes. Whatever your dairy production requirements, BM Engineering Supplies’ dedicated team can match you with the right process equipment at competitive prices.

For more information, please visit BM Engineering Supplies.

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