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Innovative Swing Check Valves for Overcoming Water Slam

Val-Matic manufactures a range of check valves that are designed to eliminate water slam in water and wastewater applications. Val-Matic’s most innovative check valves are the Surgebuster Check Valve and the Swing Flex Check Valve; the innovative features of these check valves are detailed below.

Surgebuster Check Valve

Surgebuster swing check valve

Val-Matic’s Surgebuster check valve is specially engineered to eliminate slam due to its rapid closure. The Surgebuster is designed to handle extreme applications and is unique to other check valves in the market place, in the way it can handle high head applications, multiple pump systems and systems known to surge.

The Val-Matic Surgebuster works by giving rapid closure through a short stroke of 35° and can maintain a 100% flow area at all times. Its patented Disc Accelerator makes it unique in the market place. The disc Accelerator is a precision-formed stainless steel mechanism that closes the disc rapidly minimising flow reversal and avoiding water slam while allowing the disc to be stabilized under flow conditions.

Swing-Flex Check Valve

 Swing flex swing check valve

Val-Matic’s Swing-Flex Check Valve is designed with an angled seat resulting in a 35° disc stroke and it is less than half the weight of a lever check valve. The Swing-Flex Check Valve has a short disc stroke and memory flex action to reduce closing time of the valve and to minimise the flow reversal to prevent any water hammer. This valve is popular due to its quiet operation; once the valve is closed from the force main it has silent operation.

The contour of the Swing-Flex’s body allows 100% flow area to minimise headloss. The Swing Flex’s innovative disc design and domed access port allows the flow of sewage to ‘self-flush’ any potential clogs before they form. As the disc is the only moving part there are no internal components to get in the way.

Company Profile

Val-Matic Valve and Manufacturing Corporation

Val-Matic Valve & Manufacturing Corp. is a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of check valves, quarter turn shut-off valves, air valves and foot valves for water/wastewater, industrial and building markets.

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