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The importance of a planned preventative maintenance programme for electric actuators

In large, complex and long-established sites, it is often the case that engineers lose track of what equipment they have operating, including the age of that equipment.

Operators of critical plants need to ensure the best operational reliability of their equipment, they need to take a risk-based approach which considers process requirements, plant age, duty cycle and installed actuator serviceability.

Planned Preventative Maintenance

AUMA recognise these challenges and to support their end-user’s, AUMA offer Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) programmes. 

AUMA see themselves as more than an actuator manufacturer, but rather an industrial-partner who provides business solutions which consider the full life purchase and operational costs of the project to the user. A key way of achieving this philosophy is through AUMA’s Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) packages.

Planned preventative maintenance of actuators

Why would I need a Preventative Maintenance programme?

The purpose of PPM is to avoid unscheduled or un-planned breakdowns, failures and downtime, to minimise crisis situations and therefore to save money on both maintenance and downtime costs.

Paul Hopkins, Managing Director of AUMA UK comments on the value of planned preventative maintenace programmes;

“It is always prudent to plan and with PPM there are many advantages to customers, including prolonging the life of the equipment and cost-savings. By taking a longer-term approach, down-time is much reduced and crisis maintenance minimised”.

What does a typical Preventive Maintenance checklist or schedule from AUMA look like?

Actuator maintenance schedules

  • Identification: Identify all equipment via an asset register
  • Assessment: Assess equipment by specification, application & criticality to process integrity
  • Inspection: Carry out inspection and operational health checks
  • Replacement: Replacement programme for key components
  • Testing: Ensure actuator enclosure integrity
  • Maintenance: Maintenance programme to ensure reliable operation and minimal downtime/process disruption.

The initial inspection procedure is intended to fully the check the functionality of the actuators on-site, as well as validating the enclosure integrity. It also allows AUMA to check the all the actuators are being used within their design specifications. Once the initial inspection process is completed, remedial works are carried out. The equipment is then warranted for 12 months.

Why choose AUMA’s preventative maintenance programme?

Actuator maintenance programmes

AUMA’s proactive and risk-based approach delivers significant benefits to end-user applications:

  • Carry out risk-based plans to maximise plant operability and reduce down-time
  • Give customers preferential call-out status
  • Give customers guaranteed response times
  • Offer discounted day rates for planned activities
  • As an OEM, AUMA have access to original build records and can arrive on site with the correct spare parts
  • Highly efficient service with a good 90% first fix success rate

Do you have a planned preventative maintenance programme in place?

Do you pass the risk of equipment and plant maintenance over to your supplier?

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