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How to hygienically measure temperature in sterile or hygienic applications

PIF Tips & Tricks on how to hygienically measure temperature in sterile or hygienic applications. 

The conventional way of measuring temperature in sterile applications is using a PT100 temperature sensor, which is inserted into the process media so a reading can be taken. This is known as an ‘invasive’ temperature measurement solution.

A more hygienic way of measuring temperature of process media in hygienic or sterile applications would be to use a ‘non-invasive’ or ‘non-contact’ temperature sensor'.

LABOM’s ‘Clamp-on’ technology does exactly this.

Clamp on temperature measurement

With flexible tightening straps available to suit a wide variation of pipe diameters, the instrument is easily installed and calibrated to the flow media. Real world comparison testing against the industry standard PT100 invasive measurement techniques has revealed that there is less than +/- 1K difference between the two instruments, proving the accuracy of the non-invasive instrument from Labom. Yet another benefit is that there is no disruption to the flow conditions as there would be with the standard invasive measurement method. All of the above factors contribute to a more efficient, streamlined and accurate process of measurement.

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