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Test the chemical resistance of your materials using these 3 apps

If you deal with aggressive fluids on a regular basis, you’ll be familiar with the constant issue of having to source compatible materials that are suitably resistant enough to withstand the rigours of your applications. Thankfully, there are various mobile chemical compatibility apps available now to make the selection of instrumentation, piping and hose materials quicker and easier than ever before, as PIF reports.

Bürkert resistApp

chemical compatibility

If you’re looking for a material that can withstand aggressive fluids, then the Bürkert resistApp could be just the tool you’re looking for. Giving you a chemical compatibility guide in your pocket, the resistApp takes all the hassle and guesswork out of choosing suitable materials when specifying your Bürkert flow control products. Now you can simply cross-reference a huge array of compatible materials for a wide range of media.

The Bürkert resistApp lets you cross-reference 454 different fluids, a wide range of materials, or several fluids or materials simultaneously and in combination. This handy, portable app also gives you the power at your fingertips to search for the chemical formulas of fluids and gives you useful permissible temperatures. Perhaps best of all, every last bit of data on the resistApp can be accessed offline for use directly in the field.

chemical compatibility guide

Harrington Chemical Guide for Piping Systems

chemical compatibility guide

The Harrington Chemical Guide for Piping Systems includes data for 23 different types of plastic piping materials, elastomers, pump seals, and high purity metal tubing, which you can then compare with more than 880 different chemicals. This handy tool is intended to be used in combination with your regular material compatibility charts for chemicals to help determine the most appropriate piping material for a given chemical.

Harrington’s comprehensive data can be used by engineers of all levels as a useful reference point to guide your decision making process when weighing up the chemical compatibility of various piping materials for your particular application. As well as its chemical compatibility features, the Harrington Chemical Guide for Piping Systems also includes a store finder, company information and links to Harrington’s e-Commerce website.

material compatibility chart for chemicals

Trelleborg – Hose Chemical Selector

material compatibility chart for chemicals

Trelleborg’s Hose Chemical Selector app allows engineers to quickly source an appropriate hose from their product offer, based on the specified chemical to transfer. This app gives you the ability to cross-reference your hose options against a comprehensive chemical compatibility guide. It then indicates exactly what kind of rubber or compound is needed for your hosing solution, suggesting a range of finished products that are suitable for use with the specified chemicals.

chemical compatibility

Download your chemical compatibility guide today

All of these featured chemical compatibility mobile apps are available free of charge on the Apple App Store and for Android devices via Google Play. Any engineer armed with these useful pocket chemical compatibility guides should find the whole process of comparing the chemical compatibility of their materials mercifully quick and simple from now on. This is truly what apps were invented for!

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