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Holistic wind turbine monitoring with Bachmann

Wind turbine monitoring has received a significant upgrade, thanks to a new type of condition monitoring module. The AC124 module from Bachmann introduces a range of features which helps provide continuous acquisition of data from turbine generators.

In this article, PIF spoke with Bachmann to learn more about their AIC214 module and how it helps to improve renewable energy data monitoring and prove plant operators with holistic data.

AIC214 Condition Monitoring Module from Bachmann

The sophisticated renewable energy software used to drive the AIC214 module has one simple goal. With extra functionality and additional technology, plant operators can integrate the new module with their existing condition monitoring system (CMS). This will help identify and monitor any relevant issues with the wind turbine generators used onsite.

David Futter, product manager at Bachmann Monitoring says: “By adding the functionality into a single system, the existing communications and security infrastructure is also used for the additional functionality. This gives owners a much easier path to holistic health monitoring for their turbines”.

In addition, the ring buffer feature enables continuous data values to be produced. Based on ISO standards, this allows plant operators in the renewable energy sector to receive continuous acquisitions of informative data concerning the health and performance of turbine generators.

AIC214 renewable energy module plug-in

Bachmann has also developed a renewable energy monitoring plug-in that can be integrated alongside their condition monitoring module. The Blade Unbalance Calculator provides a measure of rotor unbalance based on a single accelerometer.

This is achieved via a 2D MEMES motion sensor which is added in the nacelle. Using a simple mathematical model, the calculator plug-in can identify both mass and aerodynamic unbalance from this motion. Merged seamlessly with normal monitoring functions, this provides valuable additional information via the existing CMS.

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