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GYLON BIO PRO seals from Garlock explained

As proud distributors of GYLON BIO-PRO seals from Garlock, Monomer know a thing or two about these exceptional seals. PIF spoke to Monomer to find out everything they know about these seals, including their design, and function and benefits.

Garlock seals explained

Unsuitable seals are often used in the wrong applications due to inappropriate sealing materials. This can cause a multitude of issues in terms of function and operation, reducing the longevity of the seal and, in turn, the machinery. GYLON BIO-PRO seals offer a safe solution. With high pressure and temperature ranges, BIO-PRO seals are a perfect component for use in pharmaceutical and food processing industries.

Garlock seals explained

Garlock seals are produced from restructured PTFE material, which is pre-formed and stress controlled in order to ensure the seal is dimensionally stable and resistant to intrusion. The seals are suitable for cleaning, sterilising and neutralising media, including steam.

Development of rubber seals

The design of the GYLON rubber seals means they provide the best performance for the most important factors, including compliance, chemical compatibility and sealability. GYLON BIO-PRO are designed for operation in critical and challenging applications and are resistant to almost all chemicals and temperature cycles.

Garlock seals can withstand all process temperatures from -210 to +260°C and are compatible with pressure up to 55 bar. The seals are also designed to meet ASME-BPE standards, are FDA-Compliant and are EN 1935 / 2004, USP Class VI and KTW approved.

Garlock Distributors

Monomer are leading suppliers of Garlock products and offer a range of BIO-PRO seals in various sizes. Monomer chose to supply BIO-PRO seals due to their superb quality. Their ability to adapt to various temperature and pressure ranges means that they perform well in a wide range of industries, including:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Bio-Pharmaceutical
  • Food
  • Beverage
  • Dairy
  • Cosmetic & Personal Care

Rubber seals delivery

Monomer are leading suppliers of elastomeric products, including Garlock seals. If you wish to purchase a BIO-PRO seal, visit their online store. They pride ourselves on high quality standards and because of this, provide affordable, competitive prices and fast delivery.

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