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Glaston Compressor Services celebrate 40th anniversary as official HPC supplier

In this article, PIF speaks with Glaston Compressor Services about celebrating their 40th anniversary as an official UK supplier for HPC compressors. Glaston has installed thousands of HPC’s trademark yellow box air compressors across countless North West businesses, including those within the process industry. We sit down with Glaston’s Michael Douglas to discuss their winning partnership with the world-renowned compressed air system manufacturer and what lies ahead for the future.

40 years as an official UK supplier and distributor for HPC Compressors

“We are very pleased to have such a strong partnership with HPC”, begins Michael. “Unlike many other UK air compressor houses, Glaston doesn’t chop and change the compressor manufactures that we buy from. As such, the relationship between Glaston and HPC compressors gives customers stability and peace of mind that this partnership is here for the long term. This pleases me a great deal as our partnership is mutually beneficial to both sets of customers”.

When Glaston Compressor Services first started as a compressed air system supplier back in 1979, they weren’t tied to any one compressor manufacturer. However, after HPC Compressors first approached them about selling their signature yellow box units, this began to change. “Once we saw the quality of HPC’s air compressors for the first time, we never looked back. Over the last 40 years, it feels as though Glaston and HPC have grown up together.”

Over the years Glaston Compressor Services have completed many HPC installations, of compressors both big and small. “We view all of work and orders as big successes”, continues Michael. “As such, we treat all Glaston customers with the same care and attention, irrespective of the size of the order. Like all compressors suppliers in the UK, we do sell smaller compressor than bigger ones. However, the HPC 160kw air compressor range has been particularly popular with our customers for several years. We believe this compressor type to be the perfect balance of volume and efficiency, an opinion which is shared by our customers”.

Speaking about what has been the biggest challenge as an HPC compressor supplier, Michael argues that Glaston’s biggest current challenge is the weakness of the pound against the euro due to Brexit. “As all HPC compressors are assembled in Germany, the weaker the pound is, the higher the pricing we have to pass onto customers as a result. Thankfully, the continued development for energy savings from both ourselves and HPC will help offset these increased purchase costs for our customers”.

While Glaston is currently in a celebratory mood, Michael reassures PIF that they are looking ahead to the future and not remising about days gone by. “Thankfully we have a stable partnership with HPC Compressors. Along with HPC continually developing their compressor range to keep ahead of the competition, we foresee more of the same moving forward. We are looking ahead to the next 40 years working alongside our partner and friend, HPC Compressors”.

Buy HPC compressors from Glaston Compressor Services

Glaston Compressor Services is a leading North West supplies and distributor of HPC Compressors. They hold an extensive range of HPC rotary screw compressors and accessories for sale, with the vast majority of products stocked on-site. Glaston has great offers across its range of energy-efficient and premium quality HPC compressed air systems.

Glaston’s team of specialist engineers have decades of experience in the installation, maintenance and servicing of air compressors. This unrivalled knowledge also extends to all products within their HPC Compressor catalogue. They also offer cost-effective financing options to help customers to better manage monthly outgoing expenses. Glaston will finance your chosen HPC compressed air system across various package deals, which can be customised according to your precise industry and process requirements.

Visit Glaston Compressor Services website to view their entire range of HPC air compressors and compressed air systems.

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Glaston Compressor Services

Glaston Compressor Services is a supplier of high performance, energy efficient products including air compressors, nitrogen generators and compressed air filters.

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