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German machine turning experts turn to Murrelektronik’s Exact12 passive distribution boxes

When German turning machine experts, Schuster Maschinenbau GmbH needed a passive distribution box solution, to engineer installations with overall pluggable connection from the control cabinet into the field, they naturally turned to Murrelektronik's Exact12 series.

Exact12 passive distribution boxes

Murrelektronik's unique, new distributor concept with passive distribution boxes from the Exact12 series allow Schuster Maschinenbau GmbH to engineer installations in their machines with overall pluggable connection from the control cabinet into the field.

By implementing the well-engineered distribution concept based on Exact12, Schuster can completely eliminate terminal boxes that take a lot of space in the machine and require time-consuming, error-prone and expensive installation.

Herbert Assner is the manager of the electrical department at Schuster Maschinenbau GmbH. One of his tasks is installing and connecting the I/O points of the machines and systems in a very simple, reliable and cost-effective manner into the cabinet and connecting them to the control.

Spring clamp terminals for mounting inside the cabinet
One major benefits of the Exact12 series is that eleven and twelve-pole power strips have been pre-wired to the homerun cables of the distribution boxes to simplify installation.

"In the cabinet, they are transferred with a transfer module with spring clamp terminals," says Assner.

Transfer modules with 11- and 12-pole spring clamp terminal in the cabinet

"This goes very fast, because it's no longer necessary to connect up to 23 terminal points to terminal blocks by hand," he adds.

And with pre-wired terminals, Schuster can be certain that their components are already 100% tested. "This way, one possible error source is already eliminated, when the machine is commissioned," Assner explains.

A service adapter also offers an additional option to visually check all I/O signals. If all connections are error-free, the test LED on this control component light up and directly show the signal states.

This installation concept creates a clear separation between control cabinet and machine peripherals. With this system of transfer adapters in the cabinet we also have a simple separation for transport that facilitates on-site commissioning.

“The additional connectors that otherwise are used to separate the machine are also no longer required. With this distribution system, we have found the optimum solution."

Exact12 features and benefits

Distribution concept with transfer module in the cabinet
The standout features and benefits of the Exact12 series include:

  • Highly resistant and durable with TPU moulding.
  • Vibration resistant up to 50 g, tested with vibrations and free fall.
  • IP65 and IP67 tested.
  • Approvals according to multi-norm standard (RoHS, UL, CSA, Gost).
  • With two cables that are suitable for C-track applications: PUR/PVC (with 2 million bending cycles) and only PUR (5 million bending cycles).
  • Ideal for safety applications.
  • Up to eight actuators can be connected for safe shut-off.
  • Relevant ports marked by yellow rings (360° marking) to make it easier to recognize the safety ports.
  • Approved according to EN ISO 13849-2.
  • Up to performance level d can be achieved with safety distributors.

Company Profile

Murrelektronik Ltd

Stay connected with Murrelektronik. Murrelektronik is the UK arm of the world leading Murrelektronik GmbH, supplying connection technology to the engineering industry.

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