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Gas conditioning and sampling explained

In this latest technical article, we spoke to gas conditioning specialists Fluid Controls to get an overview of the functions and advantages of their high quality gas conditioning and sampling range from industry giants Perma Pure and ADI.

Fuel gas conditioning

All of Fluid Controls’ dryers, humidifiers and sampling pumps are from Perma Pure and ADI. Here, we looked specifically on the features and advantages of their exceptional products.

MD Series and PD Series dryers explained

Perma Pure’s MD Series and PD Series dryers are the ideal choice for drying gas samples prior to analysis. Using exclusive Nafion tubing technology, Perma Pure dryers can reduce the sample dew point to as low as -45°C without any measurable loss of analytes.

While Perma Pure ME Series moisture exchangers selectively remove only water vapour from the sample, virtually eliminating this source of analyser failure. These can be used in a variety of applications and across a wide range of flow rates.

Perma Pure humidifiers explained

Perma Pure humidifiers use an exclusive Nafion membrane tubing to continuously humidify gas streams. These humidifiers operate over a wide range of flow rates and can use either liquid water or a humid gas stream as a source of humidity.

Perma Pure’s FC-Series gas humidifiers are tube-in-shell moisture exchangers that transfer heat and water vapour between two gas streams. They may operate as either water-to-gas or gas-to-gas moisture exchangers.

MH-Series gas humidifiers are tube-in-shell moisture exchangers that allow the transfer of heat and water vapour between a liquid water supply and a gas stream. The water permeates through the walls of the Nafion tube and then evaporates into the gas stream. This transfer is driven by the difference in water vapour pressure between the water and dry gas stream.

ADI Dia-Vac Sampling Pumps

ADI’s complete line of Dia-Vac diaphragm vacuum pumps offer 100% oil-free, contamination free, corrosion resistant and leak free sampling. With the corrosion resistant diaphragm pumps, no oil, graphite or other potentially contaminating lubricants will come in contact with the gaseous stream. The reliable Dia-Vac pumps are exceptionally quiet at all pressures and, in most applications, can be operated for extended periods without the need for maintenance.

Find out more about Fluid Controls’ full range of gas conditioning and sampling products by speaking to a Fluid Controls adviser on +44(0) 1189 70 2060 or alternatively email them at [email protected].

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