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Food and beverage industry can play major role in addressing health and environmental concerns

A global research study by Tetra Pak and Ipsos has revealed that the two biggest consumer worries – health and the environment – are increasingly converging. This presents a huge opportunity for food and beverage manufacturers to tackle both concerns in one fell swoop. PIF reports on what this intriguing new Tetra Pak research means for the food and beverage industry.

The food and beverage industry can drive change

Two thirds of consumers agree that we are reaching an environmental tipping point, according to new Tetra Pak research. Consumers overwhelmingly believe that they are directly responsible for their own health and that of the planet the packaging giants have found.

With environmental issues becoming more evident in daily life, consumer concerns about the impact on their health is also growing. Nearly 60% of people now believe that their health and well-being are strongly affected by environmental problems.

As one of the only industries that can connect the environment at a personal level to the individual, food and beverage brands have an opportunity to drive change through the way they communicate with their consumers on these topics, to meet this growing and pressing need.

Key findings of the Tetra Pak research

The environment is the number one global concern, and urgency is growing. Consumers are therefore making more informed choices over packaging. They are looking for environmental information in labelling and are purchasing environmentally-sound products – even if they cost more. Therefore, the food and beverage industry can be a key catalyst for change.

The number one ambition for both health and environmental reasons is greater consumption of sustainable food and beverage products. Consumers now overwhelmingly see themselves as being the most responsible for both the environment and their own health, with little difference between the two (71% and 74% respectively). Next is government and politicians, while brands and retailers feature much lower down.

Packaging and recyclability specifically are critical.

Powerful, purposeful and personal connection with consumers

Gisele Gurgel, Director Business Insights and Analytics at Tetra Pak, said: “Food and beverage is perhaps the first industry to see the emerging trend for convergence of health and environment. It provides a new opportunity for brands to make a powerful, purposeful and personal connection with consumers by addressing and communicating both at the same time.

“Many consumers are eager to read and learn more about the environment, including package-related topics (39%) particularly via social networks. In particular, the sweet spot is natural/organic products; no additives, and seasonal also rate highly in this regard. In terms of categories, 100% fruit juice, white milk, packaged water, coconut water and plant-based drinks are the most compelling.”

For more information, please visit Tetra Pak.

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