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FLOWave – The new Flow Metering Technology set to change the industry

All flow metering technologies available on the market today have their specific weaknesses and limitations, which essentially limit their range of applications.

From the most basic paddle wheel system to an advanced Coriolis flowmeter, each and every design has one or more operational constraints which must either be accepted and managed or rejected in favour of a different design that is more suitable.

The new FLOWave is the perfect Flowmeter for liquids

Bürkert raised the question of what a perfect flowmeter for liquids should look like and the new FLOWave Flowmeter comes very close to the answer!

The FLOWave makes use of patented SAW technology (Surface Acoustic Wave) meaning there is no need for sensor elements in the measuring tube.

FLOWave flowmeter for hygienic applications


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What does this mean for flow measurement?

Put simply, it means extremely reliable results, even in challenging hygienic applications.

Why is FLOWave so revolutionary for flow measurement and control?

As explained above, popular flow metering technologies used currently have several limitations.

  • Mechanical flowmeters have moving parts that require direct contact with the fluid flow which can cause restriction to the flow as well as hinder any hygienic cleaning process.
  • The more advanced non-contact technologies such as ultrasonic, electro-magnetic and Coriolis sensors have limitations, especially with liquids that are non-conducting, contain bubbles or debris.

Bürkert has looked to address these issues in the creation of the new flowmeter design which has the potential to transform the market in terms of liquid flow measurement.

Benefits of FLOWave:

FLOWave flowmeter

FLOWave does not have any moving parts in the measuring tube and therefore has the benefits of:

  • No pressure drops
  • No leakage problems
  • No dead spaces
  • No replacement parts
  • Greater independence from the medium

Due to innovative measurement technology, the measurement is independent of flow direction and does not require any conductivity of the medium.

Furthermore, the low weight, small dimensions and minimal energy requirements reduce the installation effort and enable compact systems and cost savings.

FLOWave is expected to be commercially available for high purity water measurement applications during 2015. Several units are also currently undergoing data collection duties for calibration in a number of popular food, beverage, water processing and pharmaceutical applications.

Company Profile

Bürkert Fluid Control Systems

Bürkert Fluid Control Systems is a world-leading manufacturer of control and measuring systems for fluids and gases.

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