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FlexFlow – The calorimetric flow sensor that enhances cleaning processes for the dairy industry

The calorimetric flow sensor is the device of choice for monitoring the cleaning speed of flow in CIP system return lines. Ensuring optimum cleaning results throughout your system is crucial. This is especially true for markets, such as the dairy industry, where strong hygienic standards are a critical requirement.

In this article, PIF learns how sensor and measurement technology specialists, Baumer, have the perfect calorimetric flow sensor for solving many dairy application challenges including process and packaging operations.

How does a calorimetric flow sensor work?

A calorimetric flow sensor detects whether the removal of heat by the medium has taken place. The sensor is independent of the installation position due to the symmetrical arrangement of the sensor element. This is achievable by using the physical laws of heat transport inflow, making the distinction between continuous and regulated heating.

Calorimetric flow sensors feature a measuring probe within the device that integrates with two temperature sensors. The first sensor measures the temperature at the heating element, while the second measures the temperature of the medium in the pipe. Differences in temperature are then detectable between the two sensors which determines the velocity of the flow.

For continuous heating, the sensor that is measuring the temperature of the heating element heats continuously. Whereas, with regulated heating, the sensor regulates the heating process so that the difference between the temperatures of both sensors is kept at a constant.

What are the benefits of the FlexFlow sensor?

Baumer’s FlexFlow calorimetric flow sensor is the ideal choice for the dairy industry. Along with enabling optimum cleaning results from your CIP systems, there are multiple benefits for choosing this particular flow sensor device:

  • Increased process safety due to the symmetrical and centred sensor design. This enables easy and optimal installation and precise measurements.
  • Reduced measuring spots due to flow and temperature measurement in a single sensor. This keeps the effort for installation, service and warehousing at a minimum.
  • Simple setup and efficient fluid management because of robust stainless steel housing. The integration of all electronics eliminates wiring effort and the need to install a cabinet.
  • IO-Link for centralised configuration, enabling for several sensors to be configured in parallel, therefore easing switching point adjustments.

You can learn more about the FlexFlow calorimetric flow sensor by watching this short video.

For more information about the FlexFlow Calorimetric flow sensor for the dairy industry or any other flow sensor device, visit the Baumer website.

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