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Explosion Proof Electric Actuators for Oil storage application

In this article we’re taking a look at the latest STX and SQX range of explosion proof electric actuators from BERNARD CONTROLS and their application on the oil storage installation of French company Raffinerie du Midi – GPSPC.

An electric actuator offers command and control over the opening and closing of industrial valves and dampers. Depending on the application, it can operate the valve for complete opening and closing, or regulate a flow more or less intensively and precisely.

BERNARD CONTROLS designs and manufactures electric actuators and control technologies for the automation of industrial valves and dampers. They control the product along its operational lifetime, with support from the design stage to installation - and then for maintenance and repair - to ensure the most economical and reliable solution.

Explosion proof Electric Actuators

In June 2013, BERNARD CONTROLS were commissioned to supply more than 30 explosion proof actuators, from their STX and SQX ranges, on the oil storage installation of French company Raffinerie du Midi - GPSPC in Saint-Pierre-des-Corps (North West France).

 Electric Actuators with Intelligent Control

A partner for more than 20 years, GPSPC needed retrofitted electric actuators on its East and West oil depots. BERNARD CONTROLS willingly replaced 31 old explosion proof SR and ST models with new STX and SQX INTELLI+ actuators (intelligent integrated control) equipped with PROFIBUS DP interface, and also upgraded six STX with new PROFIBUS DP interface.

Electric Actuators with Intelligent Control

Their technicians were also on hand with technical support regarding fieldbus installation, in collaboration with the PLC supplier, as this fieldbus was cabled with fiber optic cables between the two depots; because of long distance and to avoid interferences with some pumps. Compared to metal wires, those plastic or glass cables carry light signals over longer distances and far more efficiently thanks to minimum loss and no sensibility to electromagnetic interference.


Features of SQX & STX explosion proof actuators

SQX & STX explosion proof actuators

  • Adaptation to specifications of engineering companies
  • IP 68 standard
  • Compliance with international explosionproof standards: ATEX, CEPEL, IEC-Ex, GOST-Ex, NEMA 7 & 9
  • Special configurations: Corrosion protection, Fire protection, Extreme temperatures
  • INTELLI+, intelligent control
  • Easy and fast commissioning
  • Optimised maintenance level

BERNARD CONTROLS is the leader on the Nuclear Market and one of the international leading actors of the actuation markets - Power, Water, Industries, Oil & Gas. The group counts 400 employees working for the most demanding industries throughout the world. They rely on a strong international network based on nine subsidiaries in Asia, Europe and the United States, plus regional sales offices in Russia and the Middle East, as well as more than 50 distributors throughout the world.

Products are controlled all along their operational lifetime, and support is given from the design stage to the installation, and then for maintenance and repair. It’s their firm belief that choosing and implementing the best product technology, for each single application, requires technical support from specialists from the very early project design stages to the start-up of the plant. Such partnerships equate maximum value for money and the most reliable and maintenance-free solution.

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