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How Exactly Does the Val-Matic Ener-G Ball Valve Significantly Reduce Energy Costs?

There are many real-life application stories that demonstrate the impressive low-headloss characteristics of the Val-Matic Ener-G Ball Valves. Examples include a £35 million Water Supply Project in Colorado and a Water Treatment Plant in Canada.

In these examples, and many others, the end-user’s have found the headloss characteristics of the Ener-G Ball Valve to be unsurpassed, and have enjoyed significant energy savings as a result of installation.

Let us explain how…

Calculating the Headloss of a Ball Valve

The chart below allows you to calculate the headloss of a Ball Valve; all you need is the flow rate and the size of the intended Ball Valve.

This article explains how the low headloss characteristics of the Val-Matic Ener-G ball valve result in reduced pumping power requirements and thus energy and cost savings. Energy savings are compared across typical valves used in pumping applications.

Flow Coefficients key

An example of calculating Headloss

If water flows through a pipeline at 20,000 gallons per minute (GPM) and the pipleline is 30” in diameter, the total headloss would only amount to 0.03 feet. This is extremely low, and is considerably less than the headloss characteristics of typical swing-check valves, butterfly valves, plug valves and globe-style control valves.

Virtually zero headloss means significantly reduced energy costs.

The headloss from a valve can be converted into the energy cost related to the pumping electrical power needed to overcome the additional headloss from the valve.

See the table below; the Val-Matic Ener-G Ball Valve has significantly lower energy costs, compared to other valves typically used in pumping applications.

Headloss chart

At the very least, this saving in energy costs pays for the cost of the valve over the valve’s life. For larger scale application, installation of Ener-G Ball Valves will actually lead to significant cost savings.

For more information about the Ener-G Ball Valve, read this article which explains the features and benefits of the Ener-G Ball Valve.

Company Profile

Val-Matic Valve and Manufacturing Corporation

Val-Matic Valve & Manufacturing Corp. is a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of check valves, quarter turn shut-off valves, air valves and foot valves for water/wastewater, industrial and building markets.

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