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Endress+Hauser unveils IIoT-ready Proline flowmeters

Endress+Hauser’s new Proline 300/500 range of flowmeters combines Wi-Fi capability and additional retrievable instrument and process diagnostic parameters to deliver industry-optimised flow measurement and exemplary performance. PIF takes an in-depth look at the technology behind these innovative new flowmeters.

Proline flowmeters meet IIoT criteria

The smart sensor characteristics specified in the NAMUR roadmap illustrate which criteria measurement instruments must fulfil to be ready for the IIoT. Endress+Hauser’s new Proline 300 flowmeter satisfies these criteria in every respect. As well as digital connectivity via conventional fieldbuses – such as PROFIBUS, DP/PA, FOUNDATION, Modbus or HART/WirelessHART – the new device also enables Ethernet communication via PROFINET, EtherNet/IP and Wi-Fi.

The multiparameter sensors, such as Promass and Promag, not only generate the flow measurement values but also an entire range of additional process parameters and extensive instrument and process diagnostic data.

Robust and stable sensor technology

The integrated industry safety concepts guarantee process and product safety for specific industries. Developed in accordance with IEC 61508 and an integrated SIL concept that helps avoid systematic errors during the entire life cycle, Endress+Hauser’s Proline IoT flowmeters allow operators to efficiently and safely plan, commission, test and maintain SIL systems.

Robust and extremely stable sensor technology, including a proven-in-use hygienic design, meets the demands of the hygienic process. This includes sealing concepts with tested geometry and suitable gasket materials that prevent recontamination of the medium, such as after the cleaning process. The hygienic design is 3A-compliant and EHEDG-certified.

IoT flowmeter with genuine predictive maintenance

The integrated, continuously operating self-test enables permanent testing of the device directly in the pipe. All of the Heartbeat diagnostic, verification and monitoring tests are compared to the fixed reference parameters in the device and then automatically stored. The instrument can store up to eight consecutive tests. With Heartbeat Technology, the diagnostic data is processed within the instrument and can be transferred to a mass data storage device for data mining or analysis purposes.

Another noteworthy feature of the monitoring function is the processing of the HBSI (Heartbeat sensor integrity) parameter. For the first time this makes it possible to provide concrete information regarding the so-called worklist of the instrument in applications where corrosion, abrasion and deposit build-up occurs. Thus making genuine predictive maintenance a reality.

HistoROM data storage and backup

The HistoROM data storage concept secures the data, provides transparent measurement operation, and avoids having to reconfigure the parameters after swapping out a component. HistoROM Backup is a hardware-based data storage component connected to the housing of the instrument that ensures the data is never lost.

In a new feature, the HistoROM Backup now contains the firmware, thus ensuring that all components and replacement parts are always in sync with the current firmware version to avoid incompatibilities. The factory settings are also stored in the HistoROM Backup, so that the instrument can be quickly restored to its original delivery condition.

Proline flowmeter promises easy installation and integration

The new Proline has also been improved with small but well-thought-out features. Installation has been simplified thanks to front-side access, plug-in terminals, a removable display and a wide-range power supply. Four LEDs signal the most important status conditions, plus a configurable I/O module and diverse communication interfaces allow the new instruments to be integrated into nearly any environment.

As well as an integrated web server that streamlines commissioning, establishing the connection is simple, even via the wireless interface. All that is required is to register the instrument with the serial number and device name using a mobile device and any commercially available browser. If errors do occur during operation, they are categorised in accordance with NE107 and listed in the event log book, allowing them to be resolved without any costly downtime.

For more information about the Proline 300/500 range of flowmeters, or any other Endress+Hauser products, visit www.uk.endress.com/en.

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