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Emerson releases advanced new magnetic slurry sensor

With more than 25 years of experience developing products for challenging applications, Emerson’s new slurry electromagnetic flowmeter is designed to improve product quality, reduce raw material cost and minimise waste. Read on to find out how Emerson magnetic slurry sensors are helping manufacturers to cut through the noise in slurry applications.

What is the Emerson Rosemount MS Slurry Sensor?

The Rosemount MS Slurry Sensor with Rosemount 8782 Slurry Transmitter is a slurry magnetic flow meter specifically designed for high noise and slurry applications in the oil and gas, mining, and pulp and paper industries. Featuring robust coils and advanced signal processing, Emerson magnetic slurry sensors deliver a responsive yet stable flow signal – even in high-noise applications.

Emerson’s slurry electromagnetic flowmeter provides a flow measurement solution for customers with fluids containing large solids, mining ore, pulp or sand, or that experience high process noise or signal instability. Featuring advanced signal processing, which is the first to adapt to changing process conditions in real time, Emerson magnetic slurry sensors eliminate noise from the flow signal without using excessive damping. This gives operators full confidence in their measurement calculations.

Rosemount MS Slurry Sensor and Rosemount 8782 Slurry Transmitter

Accurate measurement of process flow rates is essential to running a plant or mill efficiently. That is why the Rosemount MS Slurry Sensor uses advanced signal processing with real-time diagnostics to deliver flow measurement confidence and the ability to automatically control the loop.

Emerson’s innovative magnetic slurry sensor includes more standard diagnostics, such as the grounding and wiring fault detection, which helps ensure the meter is installed correctly the first time. Optional advanced process diagnostics provide insight into performance through a high process noise detection diagnostic. They also enable proactive maintenance in applications where coating may be a concern, such as in pulp digester applications where pitch from wood fibres may result in coating of the meter.

Finally, the Rosemount 8782 Slurry Transmitter contains Emerson’s patented Smart Meter Verification capabilities, providing a simplified means of troubleshooting or verifying the meter. Thus, taking a process that used to take hours and simplifying it down to minutes.

While the Rosemount 8782 Slurry Transmitter is designed to work with the Rosemount MS Slurry Sensor, it is also compatible with existing Rosemount 8707 high signal magnetic flowmeter installations. This makes the broader performance, signal processing and advanced diagnostic capabilities of Emerson’s new technology available to anyone who is already using their existing solutions for challenging applications.

Achieving operational goals with Emerson’s magnetic slurry sensor

“Through the utilisation of advanced features, the Rosemount Slurry Magnetic Flow Meter can help our customers better achieve their operational goals,” said Laura Chemler, product manager with Emerson’s Automation Solutions business.

“The advanced signal processing is able to adapt to changing flow rates without getting bogged down by traditional damping practices, providing more accurate flow rate feedback when it’s needed most. Which in turn helps to ensure an efficient overall process that minimises waste and optimises utilisation of precious resources,” she added.

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