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Different Types of Pumps – Magnetically Coupled Pumps

Magnetically Coupled Pumps (Centifrugal)

Very often, where we have a process critical application, it is important to consider physically decoupling the pump rotor from the shaft driven by the motor. This is perhaps necessary where leakage of the process media could pose a significant risk to safety. Typically where we are dealing with aggressive or dangerous chemicals, then it is sensible to isolate the pump from the drive motor. In such instances, the solution lies in the form of a magnetic coupling between the pump and the motor. This provides a mechanical isolation in the event of leakage of the process media. This type of pump is often used within the Nuclear industry or where there are hazardous chemicals being pumped or even where it is desirable to provide electrical isolation between the pump and motor.

Magnetically coupled pumps

Advantages of Magnetic Coupling

There are many benefits of magnetically coupled drives.

  • Since there is a complete isolation of the process media, there can be no leaks or seepage from the pump housing into the pump motor.
  • The magnetic coupling also provides thermal isolation so no transfer of heat can take place.
  • The pump is inherently free of drive seals, which can often be a source of leakage. This allows hazardous liquids to be pumped without concern over consequences of leakage or contamination.
  • If the pump is overloaded the magnetic coupling can provide protection by ‘slipping’ its connection to the drive motor.

Disadvantages of Magnetic Coupling

  • The advantage of overload protection by slipping of the coupling can also be a disadvantage when heavy loads or load spiking occurs.
  • When we have liquids containing ferrous particles, the particles can be magnetically attracted and collect on the pump impeller. This will inevitably cause the pump to stop working.
  • Loss of energy at the coupling interface can occur due to magnetic resistance

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